How to Make the Most Out of Your First Year at SLU; To The Class of 2022 | St. Lawrence University

How to Make the Most Out of Your First Year at SLU; To The Class of 2022

Learitza Torres

Next week, St. Lawrence will become home to a new group of students, so I thought I would share my 10 tips with the Class of 2022 and other new students on how to make the best out of your first year here at SLU.


1. You Don't Need to Have Your Major/Career Figured Out

The beauty of going to a liberal arts school is you get to get a taste of every major. St. Lawrence offers so many interesting classes and one of them might just introduce you to new things, and change your interests. Don't stress it!

2. Be Open-Minded and Say Yes to Everything

College is really the place to get out of your comfort zone and try out new things. At St. Lawrence, you will find so many opportunities to get involved and to try out things you’ve never done before. Never pass up an opportunity to do something spontaneous and new!

3.  Sign Up For Every Club That Interests You

Going off of my last tip of saying yes to everything, try out every club! There are so many clubs and organizations on campus for students to get involved in, and you can even start your own. At the beginning of every semester, we hold a club fair for you to learn about the clubs on campus. When I went to my first club fair as a first-year student, I signed up for every single club (I wish I was exaggerating), I attended a meeting for all of them, and I stuck with the ones that I enjoyed the most. I met so many people through these clubs, and I kept myself busy with things I enjoyed doing.

4. Appreciate Your FYP

Your FYP members will be the first people you’re introduced to on campus. Get to know them! The first night we arrived on campus, all of my FYP members and I hung out in one of the dorm rooms and got to know each other. I made some of my best friends in my FYP and even though we all don't live in the same residence hall anymore, we all get excited when we see each other around campus. Also, go to the FYP Cup events during Orientation; these are great ways to bond with your FYP and they are a lot of fun!

5. Make Friends Outside of Your FYP

It can be easy to attach yourself to your FYP group and not feel the need to make friends outside of it. This is college, and this is the best time to meet new people! Your clubs and your classes are a great way to introduce yourself to new faces, so be friendly and be open to making new friends!

6. Orientation is Tiring, But Appreciate It

Looking back at my Orientation Week, it was filled with so many activities and very little time to myself. However, there's something so unique and exciting about Orientation because you’re nervous and excited about starting your new chapter in college and you’re surrounded by people who feel the same way as you. You will have Orientation Leaders who will help you with your first few days on campus, and they are pretty awesome!


7. Build Relationships With Your Professors

Our professors are greatly invested in their students and they are there to help you if you seek their help. You will be assigned at least one advisor who will also be your FYP professor; get close to them because they will help guide you during your time at SLU.

8. Get a Mentor/Tutor

We have so many resources on campus for students to seek out when they need help. Whether you’re struggling with a class or just need to talk to someone, we have resources for you. Don't be scared to seek them out.

9. Visit Career Services

It's never too early to start exploring possible career options. Career Services can help you build up your resume, cover letter, and they also have a mentoring program called LINC - Laurentians Investing in Networking and Careers. LINC matches you up with SLU alumni who will serve as a career mentor to you during your years at SLU - make sure you apply!

10. Make The Most Out of Your Time Here
They’re not lying when they say college will be the most wonderful, yet fastest years of your life. I am about to go into my third year here and it feels like it was yesterday when I moved in into my dorm room and had to say goodbye to my family. So, make sure you’re preparing yourself for life after college, but also make sure you’re enjoying your time here and you make the most out if it.

St. Lawrence is my favorite place in the world, and I know even after I graduate this will always feel like home. I can’t wait to see new faces next week and I hope each and every one of you grow to love SLU as much as I do!