How to Brave the Canton Chill | St. Lawrence University

How to Brave the Canton Chill

Sunday, February 3, 2019

As a Canadian, I have grown up accustomed to the cold temperatures and in my life have learned many tips on how to stay as warm as possible during the depths of the winter. In Canton, we embrace winter and make the most of it instead of hiding away inside for months. I am sharing some of my top tips for braving the chill in the wintertime. 

  1. Lots of layers (LOL). Get yourself a cozy sweater, mittens a hat, and a thick jacket and you will be laughing when you are unphased by the dropping temperatures. 
  2. Drink coffee and tea! Hot drinks are accessible just about anywhere you need to cut through on your way to class - from Caribou Coffee at the Bookstore to a nice cup of tea from the NorthStar Café.
  3. Cozy up next to a fireplace. Whether you're in the bookstore or in the Student Center, our fireplaces are basically on all winter long. 
  4. Embrace the outdoors! One thing SLU knows how to do is find incredible adventures for every climate, especially in the winter. You can rent a pair of cross-country skis or snowshoes from the Outdoor Program to traverse on the golf course, take a short drive to the Adirondacks and go on a winter hike, or head to Lake Placid and ski at Whiteface Mountain. Finally you can drive up north to Ottawa and skate on the Rideau Canal (the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink)! 
  5. Take the little wins. Yes, there may be days where the temperatures feel like they rival the North Pole, but if it's sunny, it feels like spring again (almost)!  The sun does wonders so I always try and get outside when it is shining. Also, throwing a snowball at your friends to get out any cold-induced frustration always helps, too.