Hibernating Is Not an Option

Drew Houx
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Are you considering hibernating this winter? Did you make a New Year’s resolution to be more active? Do you like being outside and exploring? Then skiing on the golf course is exactly the activity for you!

When the cold weather comes to Canton, and snowfall covers our campus, it does not become a time to hibernate until spring. As an active community, we take the opportunity to go out and explore the winter wonderland. While many community members go explore the Adirondacks or venture to Ottawa, Canada, during their annual Winterlude, some of the best winter adventures are right here. We are fortunate enough to have a golf course adjacent to campus, which is used for skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months. The golf course is an ideal place to ski because of its rolling terrain and good snow fall. By the time you are skiing, it's hard to remember that you are even on a golf course. The golf course is a ski venue where skiers of all ages can be spotted learning how to ski or racing by in preparation for their season. On most days, one might be able to spot Lynn Fox (wife of President William L. Fox ‘75) skiing, too!

Every year the golf course gets blanketed in snow, thus making for the perfect opportunity for cross country skiing. With seemingly endless kilometers of variable terrain, it is a great option for skiers of all abilities. Not only does the skiing on the golf course serve as a place for fun, it also serves as a place for staying active. Cross country skiing is one of the best ways to stay active during the winter months. With a combination of many motions, cross country skiing is a full body workout. So if you need to stay on top of your New Year’s resolution, cross country skiing is the answer for you!

Every year we can anticipate the fair amount of snow accompanied with the North Country frost. When the snow arrives to the North Country, one can either wait for it to melt or go and seize the opportunity to enjoy the snow. From November through March, skiers can be found cruising around the golf course. Unfortunately, this ski season got off to a dismal start with little snow and above normal temperatures. This is understandable conditions for the El Niño year that we are having. Hopefully the El Niño front will translate into a later winter season, and maybe we could ski into April!

With so many great ski options in the Adirondacks and in the greater community, why would we ski on our golf course? There are two great reasons to hope out on the golf course for a ski. First, it is ideal if you just want to go and have some quick exercise. Without having to drive more than five minutes, it’s easy to go for a ski during a long lunch break or after classes. Secondly, the diverse terrain is great for skiers of all ages and abilities. Whether you are just learning how to put your boots on, or perfecting your skate technique, the golf course is able to support skiers of all types.

So the next time that you are on campus with some free time, or just looking for a great way to spend the afternoon, consider heading out on to the golf course for a nice ski. Whether you know how to ski, or have never heard of cross country skiing, it is a great place to learn, play, and expand your abilities!