Four Reasons Why I Spent My Summer Missing St. Lawrence

Sarah Bercovitz
Class of: 

As Summer 2016 comes to a close, my excitement to get back to St. Lawrence grows daily. Though always an enthusiastic student before becoming a Laurentian, I had never experienced or witnessed such a large group of students spending the summer counting down the days until school starts. This summer, my social media feeds have been filled with posts from classmates expressing their excitement to get back on campus, and I receive daily texts from friends informing me just how many days, and hours, until we will be reunited at SLU.  While there are a multitude of reasons that I miss St. Lawrence so much, even on these beautiful summer days, I’ve pinpointed the four things I have missed most about St. Lawrence this summer.

  1. The SLU “vibe”. After my first year at St. Lawrence, I realized I had been spoiled by the contagious kindness and positive attitude I find everywhere on campus. This summer I noticed how thoroughly surprised I am when a person in front of me doesn’t hold the door, or when people I barely know don’t flash a friendly smile. I can’t wait to get back to an environment filled with positive energy.
  2. The campus. While I have to say I am lucky to be spending my summer working in beautiful Maine, I find myself missing campus daily. It is still unreal to me that for most of the year I get to live and learn within the trees, Adirondack Mountains, and endless sky above campus. Being here allows me to take the time to observe and appreciate the world around me. On a cold Monday in December I can look out the window of ODY Library and be uplifted by our campus being blanketed in a layer of glistening snow. In the spring, I’m always dying to play a game of Wiffleball with friends on the quad or grab a smoothie from the Pub and take a walk around our bustling, lively campus - stopping to pet every dog I see, of course.
  3. Fun traditions. One of my favorite aspects about SLU is the traditions that have become an important part of my life on campus. I miss hearing the chapel bells, looking forward to Titus Weekend, and bonding with classmates about our excitement for the new Laurentians to take part in the Candlelight Experience. Traditions like these make campus full of life and joy throughout the long winter.
  4. The people. Whether it’s fellow students, professors, Dining Services employees, or alumni coming back to visit campus, I miss all the amazing people I get to meet and learn with throughout the year. I didn’t fully realize how unique it is to be part of such a motivated, supportive community until I compared my first year at college with that of my high school friends. They described being nervous to approach upperclassmen or professors. This was something I couldn’t relate to; as soon as I became a Laurentian, I was warmly welcomed into the community by older peers as well as my professors. In my experience, there was always someone standing by prepared to help at anytime I needed.  Being a part of a community filled with motivated, interesting, and positive people inspires me to live and learn to the fullest of my potential.

With just days until I’m back for my sophomore year, I am thoroughly excited for the adventures and challenges next year will bring and, after a long summer away, I couldn’t be happier to be coming back to take them on at St. Lawrence.