Four Children’s Books to Describe Your Four Years at SLU

Emily Mulvihill
Class of: 

It’s hard to say exactly what you’ll find in your four-year adventure here at SLU. There are so many different opportunities that the experience offers.  As an English major and a general lover of books, however, I’ve always looked for good advice in the pages I read. And while I’m sure Tolstoy had something absolutely perfect to say about freshman year somewhere in War and Peace, I thought I’d take a look instead at some of my pre-SLU favorites. And I mean, who doesn’t love a good children’s book?   

1.     First Year- The Berenstain Bears Moving Day

Who hasn’t been scared about moving into a brand new place? In this cute picture book about the Berenstain bear family and their move into a new home, Brother Bear worries about the big change and what it will be like and whether he’ll be able to make any friends. Like Brother Bear, while moving in freshman year can be pretty scary, there’s really nothing to worry about.

2.     Sophomore Year- Dr. Seuss’ Old Hat New Hat

In this book, the bear you see on the cover (I promise not all four books have bears) decides that it’s time to try on some new hats. However, he finds that trying on hats is harder than it seems because there are just so many to pick from! As a sophomore, you also get to try on different “hats” as you work to pick out your major. Maybe that major will be biology or economics, or maybe you’ll decide to focus on English or French. After trying on some different hats, by Spring Semester you’ll have found the right hat or hats for you.

3.     Junior Year- Magic Tree House Series

Junior year for many of us is all about adventure as it’s a great time to study off campus. Now, I know that this isn’t just one book exactly, but with Jack and Annie’s travels to almost as many places as our SLU students, it just seems like a pretty good fit. At SLU, of course, we haven’t quite figured out a way to send students back in time, but I’m sure we’re working on it.

4.     Senior Year- Where the Sidewalk Ends

Senior year have you feeling like you’re looking off the edge of a giant cliff? This clever book of poems by Shel Silverstein shows that even when the sidewalk seems to have come to an end, the adventure is really just beginning. In this book, you’ll find a variety of poems and witty illustrations that’ll shake off those senior blues and remind you that the end of one journey often means the start of a brand new one.

As I approach the end of the SLU sidewalk myself, I’ve come to realize that your time here at SLU never really ends. From that first day that you tentatively move into your first dorm room, you have become a part of the Laurentian community that endures long after you’ve turned the page. Just as I look back fondly in my mind at some of my favorite children’s books, the memory of my days at SLU will always remain just as glossy and colorful.