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Following North Country Sunsets

Monday, August 19, 2019

One of the North Country’s most notable aspects are its breathtaking sunsets. Being on campus for the summer working as an Admissions Summer Intern afforded me the opportunity to take in the beauty of SLU’s campus and its surrounding areas more than I ever have before. For the 10 weeks I spent here, wherever I travelled in the North Country, I could almost always rely on a beautiful 8:30 p.m. sunset to end my day on a high note. Here are a few places I had some of my most memorable adventures from this summer captured through sunset photos! 

  1. If you ever have a free evening and are looking for something fun to do with friends, the Bay Drive-In in Alexandria Bay is a great spot to catch the newest movies. Grab some blankets and snacks and you’ll feel like you were transported back to the 60’s (except now with movies in color). 

  2. One of the greatest things about being in the North Country is easy access to great hiking. This year, my Fourth of July was spent on an evening hike up Azure mountain where we were able to catch this gorgeous sunset, as well as see the fireworks going off all around surrounding towns from the top of the fire tower. Hikes like this are a great way to get outdoors and be with friends as well as take in the beautiful New York scenery! 

  3. The St. Lawrence River is just a short drive away and is the perfect spot to spend a free day or weekend. Whether it's strolling through the shops and restaurants in the town of Clayton, spending all day on the water, or taking a boat to Canada, the River never disappoints. Be sure to find a good spot to watch the sunset over the water like in this picture!

  4. Of course, SLU itself is also one of the greatest places to take in a beautiful North Country sunset. Find your favorite spot on campus, set out a blanket, and take in the view with some friends who love SLU just as much as you do!