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First-Year Students

Enthusiasm and energy permeate all aspects of life at St. Lawrence University. Students here are "doers," actively involved in academic, extracurricular, and athletic endeavors. Does this sound like an environment you would like to be a part of? If so, then St. Lawrence University is looking for you and encourages you to apply. Information, guidelines and processes below are applicable to students applying to St. Lawrence as a first-year student and will provide information on our application process. 

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Admissions Requirements
To be best prepared for the rigors of the St. Lawrence University liberal arts curriculum, you should have a broad preparation at the secondary school level and involvement beyond the classroom walls. 

Application Requirements
In our holistic application review, St. Lawrence University is looking for students who are academically driven and passionate about the world around them. 

Information on our admission deadlines for first-year students.

Financial Aid
St. Lawrence takes pride in its reputation for having a strong financial aid program. To be considered for need-based financial aid, please see our financial aid webpages for detailed information.

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
Designed by the New York State Education Department, HEOP admits and counsels students who are classified as economically and educationally disadvantaged and who would benefit from additional assistance. HEOP students are required to attend a five-week summer session to strengthen their basic skills.

Merit Scholarships
Each year, St. Lawrence awards tens of millions of dollars in financial aid. To learn about our merit scholarship programs and what you need to apply for special merit scholarships check out the many scholarships offered to our first-year applicants.

Test Optional
Test scores (SAT-I, SAT Reasoning or ACT) are optional for domestic and US permanent residents, regardless of whether you're applying Regular or Early Decision. Students must indicate on the Common Application which scores, if any, they wish to be considered in the application process. For all students, the most important part of the application is the high school transcript. We also look closely at your essay, your extracurricular activities, and recommendations from your guidance counselors and teachers. If you have a strong high school record, we welcome your application regardless of how you performed on your SAT or ACT.