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First-Year Students - Regular Decision

St. Lawrence University seeks students who are curious, care about our world, and want to engage in our active and positive community. 

Does this sound like an environment you would like to join? If so, then St. Lawrence University is looking for you and encourages you to apply. 

Our admissions review process is holistic and each application is carefully reviewed. We consider all aspects of your application and what we learn about you. Your academic achievement is important, but so are the other activities and achievements that define you. 

Application Checklist

In our holistic application review, St. Lawrence University is looking for students who are academically driven and passionate about the world around them. The following are required pieces for a complete application.

  • Common Application
  • $60 application fee or fee waiver
  • Official copy of your high school transcript
  • Official standardized exam scores (optional)
  • Counselor letter of recommendation
  • Two academic recommendations from teachers who have taught you in high school
  • Resume (optional)

Admissions Preparation

In order to be best prepared for academic life at St. Lawrence, we encourage a broad preparation at the secondary school level. Each student's academic record will be evaluated individually and while looking at the context of what is offered at the student's high school. For students at schools that offer advanced curriculum (honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual enrollment, or other rigorous options), we encourage you to appropriately challenge themselves if these opportunities are available to them. Competitive candidates typically present a transcript that reflects a full sequence of classes in core subjects as well as electives that are of interest to them. This generally includes:

  • four years of English
  • three years of sciences
  • three years social studies
  • three years of mathematics
  • three years of foreign language
  • elective courses that are of interest to you.

Life outside the classroom is also an important part of our campus culture, and our students are involved in many different ways! We are looking for students who will contribute positively to our campus community by continuing with activities and involvements, and who are willing to try new things on our campus. Make sure that you let us know about your extracurricular and co-curricular involvements, as well as your hobbies and other interests, in the Activities Section of your Common Application.

Test Optional & Self-Reported Score Policy

St. Lawrence University is SAT/ACT-optional for all applicants. Students must indicate on the Common Application which scores, if any, they wish to be considered in the application process. For all students, the most important part of the application is the high school transcript. We also look closely at your essay, your extracurricular activities, and recommendations from your guidance counselors and teachers. If you have a strong high school record, we welcome your application regardless of how you performed on your SAT or ACT. Students whose native language is not English and who are not attending an English-speaking school must submit either TOEFL or IELTS scores as a proof of English language proficiency. Please indicate St. Lawrence University as a recipient institution for scores when registering for exams. 

If you decide to submit your scores, St. Lawrence will now accept self-reported scores at the time of your application. This means that you can send us your scores through:

  • An official score report sent by the testing agency (SAT/TOEFL code: 2805; ACT code: 2896)
  • Via email from your high school counselor
  • On your official high school transcript (if your school includes test scores on transcripts)
  • Self-reported by sending a screenshot or PDF of your full student score report to (don’t forget to include your name!)

If you choose to self-report your scores and if you’ve taken the test multiple times, please keep in mind that you should submit all of your results for the test(s) chosen for consideration. You should not convert, superscore, or recalculate your self-reported scores in any fashion. If you decide to enroll at St. Lawrence, you will need to submit official test scores via the testing agency, final high school transcript, or your school counselor.

Please note: your admission decision could be at risk if your self-reported scores differ in any way from your official score reports.


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Additional Information

Information on our deadlines for first-year students.

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
Designed by the New York State Education Department, HEOP admits and counsels students who are classified as economically and educationally disadvantaged and who would benefit from additional assistance. HEOP students are required to attend a five-week summer session to strengthen their basic skills.