Finishing Up My First Year At SLU | St. Lawrence University

Finishing Up My First Year At SLU

Sarah Delaney

As my first year as a Saint is coming to an end, I can’t help but feel a flood of different emotions. I am sad, excited, and a little bit nostalgic. I have made so many memories these past nine months and have met so many wonderful people who have truly made my first year unforgettable.

When I think about leaving school in just a few short weeks I can’t help but feel a little sad because I have had such a great time this year and am going to miss my friends and my amazing professors. I am also going to miss just being on campus and studying outside of the Student Center, going for walks to de-stress, and hearing the chapel bells play at 5 p.m. every evening. I also have found myself becoming very nostalgic the last couple of weeks.

I have made so many great memories since Orientation. I will always remember meeting my FYP and the people who would soon become my best friends; I'll never forget our bonding experience trying to make a banner for the FY PCup a half an hour before it was supposed to be presented. My first week on campus was a little shaky. Not only did I not know anyone really well, I also couldn’t find my class on the first day of classes. This, as I have learned, is completely normal and makes for great stories. I have also really enjoyed my experience with the First-Year Program. I have considered myself to be extremely lucky to be in the FYP that I am in. My FYP, Making A Difference, has allowed me to meet great people and two great professors and has also opened up so many great opportunities for me that I never thought that I would have as a first-year student. My FYP had a community service component where I got the chance to volunteer at the local correctional facility. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget and has played a huge role in my first year here.

I have made so many memories this year from volunteering in the Canton community, becoming very involved on campus, meeting a lot of friends and jumping off of the rope swing into the Grasse River. All of these times are memories that I will keep with me forever.  I will always remember the feeling of leaving home for the first time and starting on this new journey and being nervous yet excited at the same time. But now as I am getting ready to leave campus for the summer, I wouldn’t change anything about my first year at SLU (but truthfully I am also getting a little nervous about how I am going to get all of my stuff back home, which there seems to be a lot more than when I moved in!). It has been a roller coaster ride that I am not ready to get off of quite yet. Even though I have only been on campus a short time, I already have this feeling that I will be a Laurentian for life.