Finding My New Home in the North Country: An Open Thank You to the ANCS

Maddie St. Pierre
Class of: 

To the Augsbury family,

I am one of the grateful recipients of the Augsbury/North Country Scholarship*. Your gift and generosity has had a great impact on my life beginning with my time at St. Lawrence.

I was hesitant to apply to St. Lawrence for the sole reason of not wanting to follow my brother, who was a sophomore at the time. But after I received the Augsbury/North Country Scholarship, I gave SLU another chance. I realized that there was something special about this place and it was okay if I saw the same opportunity and home in St. Lawrence that my brother did.

I wish that I could thoroughly express through this letter all that the Augsbury/ North Country Scholarship has given me and the effect it has had on my life. I did not realize it then but St. Lawrence was going to change me in so many ways. It opened my eyes to opportunities and introduced me to people from all over the world. St. Lawrence has become my home away from home and I have been able to enjoy this college experience with my two siblings by my side.

I thank you for letting me explore my interests and find out what I am passionate about. St. Lawrence has helped me become a leader and step outside of my comfort zone while keeping my lifelong connection to the North Country. I have become co-president of Club SLU, which is a group on campus that goes to the middle school in Canton twice weekly to mentor students in grades 5-8. I am part of our local Rotary Club; I work as an Admissions Ambassador and I have become the Program Coordinator for the up and coming North Country Children’s Museum in Potsdam. All of these leadership roles would not have shaped who I am today if not for the Augsbury/North Country Scholarship enabling me to attend St. Lawrence.

The experiences I’ve had at St. Lawrence so far have been made that much more influential because of the people I’ve had the pleasure of sharing them with. The friends I’ve made at SLU through athletics, organizations, clubs and classes have made my time here even more special.

I walked into St. Lawrence unsure of what was ahead of me. I never expected one place to change me so much, especially somewhere so close to home. Thank you for allowing me to stay in the North Country, near the Adirondack Mountains, the St. Lawrence River and, most importantly, my close-knit family. I know when I leave St. Lawrence, I will have a very different view of the world and of myself and for that, a simple thank you will never be enough.


*The Augsbury/ North Country Scholarship is a financial award to recognize academic and co-curricular leadership among nominated North Country and Canadian high school students.