Fighting the Freshman 15: Food Options, Exercise Opportunities | St. Lawrence University

Fighting the Freshman 15: Food Options, Exercise Opportunities

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Let’s be real here, a girl’s gotta eat! And, while I’m used to my traditional Ethiopian dinners (cooked by my mom at home) and having after-school sports incorporated into my schedule to keep me fit, college is VERY different. Coming to college means Mom and Dad will no longer be making sure you eat dinner and peeking in your room at midnight to make sure you’re not still up. Going to the gym, eating right, and making sure you sleep enough is all your choice.

“Here at SLU, there are many options for eating; there’s Dana Dining Hall, our main dining hall, The Northstar Cafe, Pub 56, Time-Out Cafe, Johnson Grab-and-Go and even Spartacus Cafe." That’s what my tour guide told me when I came to visit SLU. And, now that I am a tour guide, I get to say the same. To be honest, while there are so many options, it sometimes can get old, or I can be too lazy.

One of the biggest things I have learned here is time management, and with that I need to include sleeping, eating healthy (most of the time, but treat yourself sometimes!) and exercising. While going to the gym itself is a work out for me, I am motivated by telling myself I want to be the best version of myself and that I will be a happier, healthier me.

Here are some tips that I am still yet to master but deem important.

1) Make a schedule! Google Calendar can be your best friend in college. Put it in your schedule to do your laundry, your biology worksheet, to do something active and when you need to go get dinner.

2) Treat yourself, but the healthy you is the best you. The ice cream machine in Dana never moves; that can be tempting! One thing that also doesn’t move? The salad bar. Balance is key!

3) Try to stay active! While Netflix might seem like the best choice when it is 20 below, you could go up to Titus Mountain with the Outing Club and go skiing! Or, when it is anything above 40, you can join the students playing frisbee in the Quad. Don’t worry, they’re always there.

I HATE RUNNING. I played basketball and soccer in high school and middle school but failed when trying out for track and field. There are so many options at SLU to stay fit. There are club sports like soccer, basketball, and even rugby. There are lead classes like yoga, spinning, and instructors by a whole climbing wall! There is also a whole gym with all the equipment you could ever imagine and the hours are flexible so you are very able to fit it into your schedule.

Fellow Laurentains, take care your of your temple!