The Feeling When All Your Friends Are Back From Abroad | St. Lawrence University

The Feeling When All Your Friends Are Back From Abroad

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Studying abroad is an integral part of the SLU experience. Approximately 65 percent of students spend a semester off campus, and SLU offers 30 off-campus programs in more than 20 countries. I studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, during the Fall 2018 semester, and as I write this blog post, the new students just flew to Prague to begin their semester for Fall 2019. I would be lying if I said i would not give anything to fly back there with them. Studying abroad is one of the greatest things that you can do as a SLU student, broadening your horizons away from Canton. One thing you don't realize until it happens is that while you are only away from SLU for one semester, your friends may study aboard during a different semester!

Everyone has different sport commitments, classes, and personal reasons as to why they choose which semester to study abroad, and while you try and line it up with your friends, it doesn't always work out. This means you may not be able to see some of your closest friends for over a year. A year is a long time not to see someone you are used to seeing every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Leaving is hard, but coming back makes up for it. Personally, when I went abroad, I was not very close to anyone from SLU in my program so I knew it would be a great time to meet new people. My friends had the same experience, but now all that means is back on campus your network grows exponentially. Not only am I still good friends with all the students I didn't even know before our semester together, but I am getting to meet the people my housemates went abroad to New Zealand, Kenya and Ireland with. 

I always say SLU is the perfect size school because you will never walk somewhere without seeing friends or classmates, but you are also constantly always meeting new people. While you may think that leaving campus for a semester will cause you not to meet as many people, but it ends up being the exact opposite. Getting back to campus the fall of your senior year will be the most exciting time to come back to see everyone you missed and hear all about all the different experiences.