Fee Waiver Process | St. Lawrence University Admissions

Fee Waiver Process

St. Lawrence University strongly believes in the importance of a campus visit. We want to show our appreciation by waiving the application fee to any student who has made an official visit to campus.

When you apply to St. Lawrence, please refer to the information below.

Online Application

  • After completing your online application, go to the payment screen.
  • Select "Payment Method."
  • Select from the dropdown menu "St. Lawrence Approved Fee Waiver."
  • Click "Continue."

When we process your application, paper or online, we will know that your fee has been waived because it will be noted in our computer system that you are eligible for a waiver.

The application fee may also be waived due to participating in an approved on-campus event. Information will be emailed to eligible students after the event has occurred that their fee has been waived.