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Fear Less: Eat More

Monday, April 7, 2014

As a high school student I remember dreading the alarming roll call of “NEXT” that fluttered out of the quintessential cafeteria aid’s mouth. Then to receive what was assumed to be a cheeseburger, but what was really some retired sloppy Joe that now solidified and was crowned with a thick slice of American cheese. Nevertheless, I knew that college would be different - much different. In knew I could say goodbye to the mystery meat and hello to gourmet tray-less dining and indulging in food that was made-to-order.

So, despite the inevitable 'Freshman 15' (or 30), I'll provide you with three wonderful aspects of college dining at St. Lawrence University.

Number 1: Choices

Believe it or not, there is more than one cafeteria. In fact, cafeterias do not exist. St. Lawrence is home to two main eateries (as well as several smaller ones): Dana Dining Hall and the North Star Café. Both will allow you the freedoms to choose, to ponder, and to eventually sit down and spend way too much time enjoying your food amongst friends.

Number 2: Theme Dinners

From Harry Potter to Canadian Thanksgiving dinners, St. Lawrence does it all! For theme dinner nights, Dana Dining Hall opens thirty minutes early to welcome hundreds of students, faculty members and the Canton community to a fun and very decorated themed environment.  It is an opportunity to drink from the goblet of Gryffindor or to have a Thanksgiving dinner with friends that otherwise would have been spent with family. (The best of both worlds. YES!)

Number 3: Home-cooked Meals

Do you have a favorite casserole that has been in your family for generations? Well, great news! Dining Services would be thrilled to share that dish with the St. Lawrence community. It's as easy as logging on to their website and submitting a recipe.