Favorite Off-Campus Flavors

Stephanie Eldon
Class of: 

I used to be a very picky eater and some of my family members and close friends might say that I still am, but I would disagree. Initially, my parents were worried about me going to college and only eating junk food and gaining the “freshman 15.” So when I came to St. Lawrence, I vowed to prove them wrong by not only being adventurous on campus, but by exploring new places to eat around the North Country. While I enjoy the camaraderie around mealtime at SLU, once in a while it’s nice to visit my favorite restaurants off campus.

10. The Meadows – Come Saturday or Sunday morning when you have a ton of homework to do, you want a good, hearty breakfast/ brunch before you get started. The Meadows is just the place. Only a five-minute drive down the road from SLU’s Newell Field House and over the bridge, you’ll spot it on the right-hand side.

  • My Go-To: The #3 with two scrambled eggs, wheat toast, home fries, extra crispy bacon and a large glass of orange juice.

9. The Bagelry – If you find yourself out and about in Potsdam looking for a meal that could work for just about any time of day, the Bagelry is the place to go. It has breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and just about anything in-between.

  • My Go-To: An everything bagel toasted with chive cream cheese.

8. The Partridge – Need to catch a bus or just want a nice place to eat and perhaps meet some interesting people?  Well, the Partridge is just for you. It’s in the plaza in downtown Canton behind the movie theater where you'll also find Rite-Aid.

  • My Go-To: The Gobbler on an herbal garlic wrap, no tomatoes (comes with chips and a pickle).

7.  Sergi’s – Craving a pizza or a pizza roll on a Friday or Saturday night? Sergi’s is the favorite late-night spot on Main Street in Canton. They also serve pasta dishes and salads during regular hours.

  • My Go-To: Whatever pizza is available at the time... with ranch dressing.

6. The Hide Away – A quaint little diner set thirteen miles east of Canton, in the small town of Colton. They have a variety of breakfast and lunch specials.

My Go-To: The #2 with scrambled eggs, homemade wheat bread toasted, crispy bacon and a chocolate milkshake.

5. Mama Lucia’s – Benevento in Italia! It doesn’t matter if you’re with friends, family, a small group or a large group because Mama Lucia’s has it all. With family size portions, you can feed the whole table with a few plates, and that’s not all there’s unlimited deliciously warm bread, too!

  • My Go-To [I have two]: Chicken parm with penne pasta OR a personal pizza with garlic and oil for sauce, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, spinach and mushrooms.

4. Maxfields – Nestled between The Bagelry and The Hop in Potsdam, Maxfields is the grill to visit when you need a little steak in your life.  Set right on the Raquette River, the back patio is the perfect spot to sit on a summer or early fall day.

  • My Go-To: Fillet mignon with mashed potatoes and the chef’s veggie of choice.

3. First Crush – Described as “Potsdam’s Little Gem,” this coffee bar by day/ wine bar and bistro by night is an ideal place for just about any time of the year. While it might be “little,” make sure to bring a big appetite because just about everything on the menu will knock your socks off.

  • My Go-To: The Crushetta (a spin on the traditional bruschetta), the Adirondack Salad, and depending on the time of year, either the Affogato Mocha for dessert (Belgian chocolate ice cream served with Starbucks Espresso) or the Crush Crisp (seasonal fruit with a crumbly topping served with vanilla ice cream).  

2. The Blackbird Café – Canton’s finest café and it’s only a 5-10 minute walk from campus! Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or want to hang out and have dinner (maybe even with some fine music playing upstairs), the Blackbird Café puts a twist on ordinary food (and buys from local farms, too).

  • My Go-To: Mixed green salad with goat cheese, honey roasted walnuts, and balsamic dressing with a cranberry Nantucket Nectar.

1. 1844 House – What used to be a farmhand’s house is now Potsdam’s own American bistro. The 1844 House, only a seven-minute drive from campus as you head toward Potsdam, offers homemade cooking in a cozy spot. The best part about it: From 4:30-5:30 p.m., they offer an “early bird special” which includes an appetizer, soup or salad, a main entrée and dessert for $20.

  • My Go-To: The 1844 salad, chicken boursin, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. I’m usually too stuffed for dessert, but the complimentary chocolate and mint covered espresso beans are always a nice finish!