The Entertaining Saints: Student-run Activities

Mary Santos
Class of: 

Sitting in a crowd filled with fellow SLU students, all of whom are gasping for a deep breath between bouts of laughter, you would think it would be easy to blend in. I’d hope that this time would be different and that I would be able to hide amongst my friends in the dim lighting of Pub 56 while I ate my fried mac and cheese bites. But, apparently I somehow stick out and comedians just can’t get enough of making fun of me. So for the millionth time, I become the punch line of a joke and my friends enjoy every second of it while my face turns a startling shade of scarlet. The worst part of becoming material for the comedian is that I’m part of the organization that brought him to campus. I guess at this point I’m the only one to blame for my embarrassment.

Thanks to the Association of Campus Entertainment, commonly called ACE, comedians have the chance to come and make fun of me multiple times a semester. Don’t worry: comedians aren’t the only people that get a chance to make fun of me at ACE events. In the past three semesters I’ve been on campus, I’ve seen roller rinks and bumper cars installed in the Student Center, hot air balloons floating over the Intramural Fields, a thousand SLU students dancing in front of Fall Fest and Spring Fest stages, and lots and lots of photo booths. Although I did fall excessively while roller-skating and I may be a little upset that I can’t go to a comedy show without being called out, I only have good things to say about ACE.

I applied to be on ACE at the end of my first semester freshman year; I was eager to get involved on campus. The first position I held on ACE was co-chair of special events and it allowed me to find my role on campus by becoming part of the entertainers. We would come together once a week to brainstorm what events would be fun and out of the ordinary. As the entertainers of campus, it is our job to think outside the box when it comes to events. It’s a big job but its been fun to have a glimpse into a more professional role. Despite the fact that I’m just a student, St. Lawrence has entrusted me with the task of spicing up campus life and for good reason. As students, we know (or at least have a good idea of) what students would find fun. For example, students always recommend a bouncy house because college kids loving nothing more than to pretend we are six years old again.

There is no denying that St. Lawrence is a small school, in a small town, in a rural part of the country. People who don’t go to St. Lawrence could choose to see this isolation as a bad thing, but our student body doesn’t really seem to mind it. It has lead the school to fund programs such as ACE to bring the fun to campus. ACE events make campus come alive; they break up the monotony that we can all get too caught up in. Not many students at other schools can say that they jumped in a bumper car for a ride while walking through their Student Center.