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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Monday, December 11, 2017

St. Lawrence has 14 dorms, 15 theme houses, and 24 senior townhouses. Each of these places to live has a different personality and characteristic that makes it unique. During our time at SLU, we get to experience living in about four of these places that help shape our college experience. Here’s a look into a few of the places that you can live in here at St. Lawrence.

Caroline Paclat '21 - Rebert Hall 

“My favorite memory in my room in Rebert was meeting my roommate, Gabby Alexandrescu. St. Lawrence couldn’t have made a more perfect match and she is now my best friend!”

Alli Karmis '20 - Jencks Hall 

“I chose Jencks because I wanted to live close to my friends. I also really like the character the rooms hold!”

Nick Mengini '20 - Dean Eaton Hall 

“I wanted to live in Dean because it has really big closets and my room doesn't feel like a dorm to me because of the colors of the walls. ”

Hayli Poisson '21 - Gaines Hall 

“One of my favorite memories in this room has been decorating a Christmas tree. Because Gaines is a small dorm, we have a very tightly knit community. After everyone finished decorating, we all spent time admiring each other’s decorations. It’s a very supportive community to live in!”

Lexi Bullen '18 - Senior Townhouses

The last picture is the place I call home. As a senior, we have the option of applying to live in Townhouses on the golf course. These houses are home to six students, there are four single rooms and one double room. Check out the townhouse rooms that Emily Parent ’18 & Nick Zachara ‘18 live in! We also have a living room, two bathrooms, and a kitchen to share. One of my favorite parts of living here is the  community it creates within the senior class. When the weather is nice, everyone relaxes in Adirondack chairs outside of our houses.

Although the dorms are amazing on their own, it’s truly the St. Lawrence community that’ll make you feel right at home.