Diwali Celebration- Festival of Lights | St. Lawrence University

Diwali Celebration- Festival of Lights

Dolma Lama

Growing up in Nepal, I have wonderful memories of celebrating Diwali with lots of colorful lights (almost like Christmas), good food, singing and dancing. This past weekend, ASIA (Asian Students Intercultural Association) brought a piece of South Asia to campus through organizing Diwali celebration (also called Tihar or Dipawali in Nepali) to SLU community. Our host, Jared Friedland '14,  started the celebration by explaining the roots of Diwali, which is a celebration of "light over darkness," symbolizing the victory of the Hindu God Ram in a battle with demon Ravan who had abducted his wife, Goddess Sita. Today, this victory is celebrated by Hindus in South Asia particularly in India and Nepal every year.

Jared's introduction was followed by Hindi, Nepali and Indonesian songs by SLU students from South Asia and Nepali drumming by [Associate Professor of Music] David Henderson's group. Guests also enjoyed delicious food from South Asia which included lentils, samosas, pumpkin curry and chai.

Photos by Ashley Grey '15