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Directions to SLU: Head North to Meet the Experts

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

St. Lawrence is undeniably special with signature aspects you can’t find anywhere else. We’re located in an area referred to as the North Country- the real Upstate, New York! The North Country is the perfect backyard for adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts to explore.

Since my pigtail-rocking, tricycle-riding days, I’ve grown up loving this place which is why I chose to stay. It’s filled with mountains, rivers, countrysides and farms. The small towns are lined with local shops and eateries. I always know I’m home when half the change in my pocket is Canadian and the diner menu has three flavors of poutine on it.

Our Augsbury/North Country Scholars (ANCS) are from various nooks and crannies across the North Country. They know the backroads, have an in with the locals, and are the keys to knowing our surrounding area.

Meet our ANCS Admissions Ambassadors- these are the people who know the North Country like the inside of a Bean boot - and read their insider tips below on some of the greatest things to do while adventuring through your four years at St. Lawrence.

  • Sydney Mitchell ’19 comes to us from the birthplace of the Adirondack chair - Westport, N.Y. She likes swimming in Lake Champlain during the summer with her siblings, who also chose SLU! Rumor has it every professor on campus has had a Mitchell sister in their class.
  • Elizabeth Palmer ’19 weighed in all the way from China, where she is currently studying Biology and Chinese abroad. While not overseas, she resides in Massena, N.Y. We recently discovered that the real reason she came to SLU was because we celebrate Thanksgiving dinner twice- Canadian and American.
  • Connor McSweeney ’18 has a not-so-secret talent of mastering voice impressions. Connor is from the land of Michigan hot dogs (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) and sings like an angel in both the Singing Saints and Laurentian Singers.
  • Senior Ambassador and Gouverneur, New York, native Hannah Kingsley ’18 rescues countless ripped dresses and seams while working in the costume shop at SLU and is Editor-in-Chief of our Laurentian Magazine.

What is your favorite thing to do in the North Country?

“Hike in the Adirondacks, especially on Peak Weekend!” –Elizabeth ’19

“I love to go hiking and on ‘Nature up North’ canoe trips on the Grasse River.” –Connor ’18

What is your favorite hidden gem in the North Country?

“A small swimming hole in Wadhams, N.Y., where you can jump off a bridge (it’s safe, no worries). But only a few people know about it so that's makes it special.” –Sydney ‘19

“Either Kaneb Orchards in Massena for the apple cider doughnuts or Artworks Creperie in Waddington.” –Elizabeth ’19

“Poke-o-Moonshine Mountain” –Connor ’18

“The best places to eat in the North Country are Thai food in Potsdam or burgers from The Club in Canton.” –Hannah ’18

What is it like to go to school close to home?

“It feels like an extension of my home. It gives me new opportunities, friends and chances to learn in a place that feels like the perfect distance from home. I often forget how close my house is in relation to SLU because it is such a different environment than my small hometown. The community at St. Lawrence is extremely welcoming and everyone wants you to benefit in every possible way.” –Sydney ’19  

“I never intended on staying in the North Country, but SLU is a very unique hub within the North Country, and I still feel as if I'm discovering new things and having new experiences here even though I've lived in the area for years.” –Elizabeth ’19

“Going to school close to home is actually the best of both worlds. I am about two hours away from home, so I can go home if I need to for emergencies but I am far enough away that I can be my own person here at SLU.” –Connor ’18

“The perks of going to school close to home are homemade food, bringing college friends home to celebrate holidays/birthdays, easy access to items you forgot at home, and being well-prepared for the winter months.” –Hannah ’18 

Why did you choose to stay in the North Country?

“I chose SLU because I had that cliché home feeling. My older sister attended SLU and I was always telling myself that I would never go to the same place as her because I wanted to have my own separate experience. However, after multiple visits to see my sister, I found myself completely immersed in the culture and I, too, wanted to be there for the next four years.” –Sydney ’19

“I loved the community at SLU. The professors and your peers genuinely care about what you're interested in and what you're doing, and make an effort to support you along the way. The tight-knit community reminds me of growing up in a small town.” –Elizabeth ’19

“I chose SLU because it has an amazing study abroad program and because I immediately felt welcome and at home on campus.” –Connor ’18

“I chose to come to St. Lawrence because it felt like home, not only because I’m from this area but because the campus was welcoming and everyone I met during my visit encouraged me to explore my interests.” –Hannah ’19

The Augsbury/North Country Scholarship is available to students attending over 100 high schools in nine different counties across the North Country and eighteen Canadian schools. Want to know if your school is eligible for the competition? The list of eligible schools can be found here.

From author Maddie '18: "I am  from Ogdensburg, New York - a mere 20 minutes from campus. At SLU, I am a senior business and economics double major and sports studies/exercise science minor and you can usually find me riding around on a bright yellow tandem bike with my sister, or secretly cutting the line for fresh Pub Cookies. While abroad in New Zealand last semester, I had the chance to meet over 60 million sheep (that’s 20 sheep for every person), which filled the void of my family’s two golden doodles. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or dinner reservations for two."