DIII Sports with a DI Heart | St. Lawrence University

DIII Sports with a DI Heart

Friday, February 19, 2021

Division III athletics give you the opportunity to balance school, social life, and sports on the campus. No, St. Lawrence doesn’t have a 50,000-person stadium that is always packed, but we undoubtedly have the spirit of a Division I school.

As a part of the golf team, I have been able to have a structured schedule, supportive teammates, and belong to a group on campus. DIII athletics aren’t quite as rigorous as DI, but the passion of students and student-athletes on this campus would make you believe that we are competing for a national championship every day. They show that the SLU community has a DI heart. 

The best part about playing a DIII sport is that I not only feel the support of my friends and classmates, but I get to support them. Being a part of a team, no matter what division it's in, means you share the same goals and try to accomplish them together. At a small, close-knit school like St. Lawrence, that sense of community support comes naturally. 

Everyone knows that golf is not the most fun sport to watch. I have grown up playing in tournaments my entire life, but it was not until I got to St. Lawrence that I got to experience a student section. During our home tournament each year, students pack the 15th hole. Though they make some noise during our opponents' backswings, they remain quiet when it is our turn (fortunately for us).

Opposing schools from all over the northeast know about the storied tradition of the student section at the SLU Invitational. Many coaches joke that the DI national championships do not attract that number of fans. Coaches generally have to remind their players to keep their composure and try to block out the craziness when they get to 15. Speaking from experience, I have not seen anyone successfully do that.
SLU fosters a community where you want to enjoy others' successes and support your peers. This leads to Laurentians tailgating football games at eight in the morning for a five o’clock kick-off. Once you step foot onto these sacred grounds, you are engulfed in traditions that seem to date back forever.

While we might not be the biggest school or competing in DI athletics, the heart of student-athletes and all Laurentians is overwhelming. If you are questioning what division of athletics to compete in, do not overlook St. Lawrence. SLU will provide DI intensity because everyone here is invested in your success.