A Day at the Mountain

Ben Crocker
Class of: 

Most weekends, my friends and I like to go skiing in the beautiful Adirondacks. Early in the morning, we all pile into my friend's Volvo with all of our gear and drive into the sunrise. We stop at our normal gas station to pick up coffee, sandwiches and drinks and finally start our day. Whiteface Mountain is a little under two hours away from campus, but there is another little mountain perfect for back country skiing about half way between Canton and Whiteface. 

During the rest of the year, it is one of the smallest peaks and shortest hikes, but during the winter it turns into a skier’s playground. The back side of the mountain is covered in spacious birch trees, little cliffs to jump or ski around, and plenty of powder right after a snow storm. We occasionally will stop and hike up to see the sunrise or take a run before we meet up with the rest of our friends. Sometimes we will wake up extra early just to hike this mountain.

After we've had our fun, we continue on to Whiteface where we meet up with our friends who took the Outing Club van or who didn’t want to wake up as early as us. Whiteface’s expansive trails are perfect for any level of skier, but my favorite part is riding up the gondola. There are so many St. Lawrence students at the mountain; every time my friends and I go to a lift, we find another group standing in line, and we will often end up riding the lift together. The hours of skiing seem to fly by as we zip around the mountain, fooling around in the terrain park, exploring the back woods or just keeping it casual on the groomers.

By the end of the day, when we all pile back into the little Volvo, we're all exhausted. When we get back to campus, naps are necessary so we are all ready to go to the Java Barn for the weekly concerts after a hearty Dana meal.