A Day in the Life: How Two Laurentians Manage Time | St. Lawrence University

A Day in the Life: How Two Laurentians Manage Time

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Being a student at SLU is a 24-hour job. You have to keep track of work for four (or sometimes more) classes, find time for three meals a day, manage a social life, and find your career track. These are just some of the responsibilities students have. With all these responsibilities, managing time can be a difficult task but can also make a student’s life much easier if done correctly. Take a look into the lives of two St. Lawrence students who can give all of us some insight on how they manage their time.

Kiana Plouffe is a sophomore majoring in Hispanic Studies. When I approached her, she was sitting in the Student Center with her laptop in front of her and her planner by her side.

What do you do to manage your time?

"I have a planner that I got for $5 and I use it every day. I also use my computer notes called “Stickies” to write out what I am going to do each day."

What are some challenges you face?

"Track. I am an athlete so I have to take practice into account every day. Practices take up a lot of my time."

Do you find it easy to say no to people?

"Pretty easy because I know my goals and I know what I have to do to achieve them and nothing will stop me."

Anything else?

"I want to go to Spain. I did my four-year plan this morning so I know what I need to go there. I also do my homework for the next seven days."

Were you like this in high school?

"Yep. I am always on time or early and have been this way my whole life."

Are you part of any clubs?

"No, but I need to join one soon."

The next person I encountered is a role model for many on campus. Meca Gay-Francis is a junior majoring in global studies and communications. On campus, Meca is a Community Assistant, an Admissions Ambassador, a member for the editorial board for the academic journal, The Underground, and a trained Advocate.

How do you manage your time?

"I make many lists. It is also important to understand your own study styles, limits and capabilities. I always stay prepared. I have a quote for you, 'They say hindsight is 20/20 for a reason and that’s because it is. But the only thing that is going to give you better vision is foresight.' Use your experiences to fuel your future. I try not to have Friday classes so that I can use that day to organize myself and go to my job. I do all the things that people usually do on a Sunday night on Friday so that I have a whole weekend for all of the extracurriculars I want to do. The last piece of advice for you is to be smart about saying no to things that you cannot commit to."