Creating Club Squash

Charlie Isen
Class of: 

Throughout my entire life, there have always been changes whether I was moving cities or switching schools.  One thing that always was a constant was playing squash. Ever since I could walk, I had a squash racket in my hand. It was, and still is, one of my absolute favorite things to do.  After playing for my entire life and high school, I came to a tough spot where I realized I was not going to play interscholastic squash once I arrived at St. Lawrence. The level of competition was too high.

As a first-year, I went to the Club Fair and could not wait to sign up for the Club Squash Team. When I arrived at the fair, I saw Club Tennis, Club Skiing, Hunting & Fishing Club, but for some reason there was no Club Squash. After consulting with a couple of friends I realized this was not a mistake, but we in fact did not have a Club Squash team at St. Lawrence. Throughout my first-year I found every time that I was going down to the courts to play with some friends, it was almost always crowded. A common theme which everyone seemed to wonder was why there was no Club Squash team.

Early into my sophomore year I was chatting with Michael Edson ’17, who was my teammate in high school and someone who would frequently come down to the courts to play with me. We were talking and both noted how much demand there was from our peers who really enjoyed playing squash and wanted to play in a more organized setting. This demand became our main reasoning behind co-founding St. Lawrence’s Club Squash Team.  

Fast-forward a year into the club’s existence, and it has become more of a success than either of us ever could have imagined with much more room to grow. We currently have 108 club members. Although not everyone comes to each of our three weekly practices, we are not surprised if the 10 courts fill up.

Creating an extracurricular activity at St. Lawrence has been an amazing experience, partially because of the connections which I have been able to make though it. There are many fellow Laurentians I have met and become close with I feel I would not have had the chance to meet if they were not part of Club Squash. I have found this true of the other extracurricular activities which I am part of as well; Social Media Team, Beta Theta Pi, and Admissions. All of these have introduced me to many students and taught me things that would not be taught in class such as leadership skills through active leadership roles. I urge students who have something they are passionate about but cannot find it at St. Lawrence, to take the initiative to create something of their own. Personally, creating something of my own has been an integral part of my St. Lawrence experience thus far.