Copenhagen, Cambridge and Canton: There’s More in Common Than You’d Think

Liz Miller
Class of: 

As I went through my wallet, searching for money for my daily coffee run on another hot Cambridge day, I noticed that I hadn’t taken out some Danish Kroner from my three-week Philosophy course in Copenhagen that I had just returned from. Suddenly, I realized I could put my Danish currency to use in a social media post for my summer internship.

When looking back on my past summer experience, it dawns on me that my summer, in its entirety, was made possible because of St. Lawrence. From Copenhagen to Cambridge I was always carrying a piece of Canton with me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

At the start of last summer, I travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark, for a three-week course learning about the “happiest place on earth.” During my time in Copenhagen, I learned about the culture through visiting several Danish schools, speaking with native Danes and living in the city. I was also fortunate enough to be with other SLU students and professors that I might not have had the opportunity to know on campus.

Twenty-four hours after returning to the United States, I got in the car and headed for Cambridge, Massachusetts. I was beginning an internship at a branding firm called Soldier Design, located in Harvard Square. I spent an hour and 20 minutes commuting each day to work as their Social Media Intern for the next eight weeks. I had hands-on experiences that I never imagined having, evaluating and eventually running the company’s social media presence and consulting with other brands on their own strategy. My time at Soldier helped me get a better idea of what I want to do after graduation and exposed me to some of the most creative people I’ve ever met, getting me more excited each day to go into the office.

These two experiences seem very different, but what makes them similar is that they were both made possible by St. Lawrence.

I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Center for International and Intercultural Studies Office for my trip to Denmark, giving me the chance of a lifetime to study in another country - something that has been on my “SLU Bucket List” since I was a high school student.

My internship in Cambridge may seem the most disconnected from St. Lawrence, but it was because of SLU that I was able to work in a new city and complete an internship. Career Services connected me with the Michael and Pamela Clark Fellowship Award, which provided me with living expenses for the summer and enabled me to take part in an internship that was unpaid. It's very common for internships to be unpaid like mine was, but St. Lawrence is doing its part through these programs to make opportunities possible for us.

It's easy to say that St. Lawrence supports their students beyond the classroom and their time on campus; it's another to have an entire summer made possible by a university that already provides so much for me during the school year. The various departments that financially supported me were also there for me on a personal level, answering any of my questions about travelling to a foreign country and genuinely being excited for me when receiving feedback about how well my internship was going. It was nice knowing that wherever I went, St. Lawrence would be there to help me succeed.