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Community Service Scholarship

What is the Community Service Scholarship?
The Community Service Scholarship is a $80,000 scholarship ($20,000 per year) for domestic students and is awarded to students based on past and current participation in community service. Our goal is to award this scholarship to students with a passion for community service with the hope that they will make a positive impact on the St. Lawrence and local communities while in college.

As an institution,we have made a strong commitment to maintaining a productive relationship with the surrounding community and continually encourages students to take an active role in fostering this relationship. Over 70% of St. Lawrence students participate in community service! These students are prepared for the responsibility of serving their community, country and world after graduation.

Who is named a Community Service Scholar?
Any U.S. citizen who is applying as a first-year or transfer student is eligible.

We expect Community Service Scholars to be leaders in service at St. Lawrence, we look for students who have shown initiative and leadership in their community service work. Community Service Scholars include students who have created new service projects in their schools and hometowns, students who have motivated their peers to be involved in worthwhile projects, and students who have made community service a top priority.

How to Apply?
First-year, domestic students interested in applying for the Community Service Scholarship must submit a complete application (Common Application) by February 1. Transfer students and students applying Early Decision must submit scholarship material with their completed application.

Please note, this scholarship opportunity is only for domestic students. International students can learn more about merit scholarhip opportunities through our International Admissions website.

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