Colors of Canton

Wilson Mazimba
Class of: 

Anytime the mention of summer plans came up in conversation, my uncertainty followed shortly after. I was so used to going back home to Zambia every summer; I nearly packed my suitcases several times, ready to temporarily disappear. When I decided to work with Admissions as a Summer Intern, I knew I’d be creating a whole new affair with SLU. I had NEVER been in Canton during the summer months and it was definitely going to be a new beginning. In fact, after the stories I’d heard from friends about how amazing summer is up in Canton, I really started looking forward to it! The sights and sounds of summer have been especially captivating as I have reawakened my thirst for exploration. Canton is my second home, yet surprisingly mysterious, and I have come to experience it in so many different ways. This summer will only add to my experiences in Canton because it will give me a lot of freedom to engage my creativity.

At SLU, I took a creative nonfiction writing course that helped me look at writing in a new light. The class allowed me to combine non-conventional writing styles with my passion for poetry and that is how I best enjoy expressing myself. So, without further ado:

The BLUE skies scream eternal, effervescent beauty that only a natural canvas can complement with a splash of golden sunlight. Complimented only by the real scent of the wet earth beneath my being

The GREEN piece of life wrought in an urban jungle as a symbol to an eternal mother, ever present in a grey gridlock. Slowly expanding, breaking out of the granite flock

A visionary looking through a leafy portal, shaded from all sides by a preserved embrace

Locked in a hundred year old dance to the hum of life

A rebel on the plain face of the Cartesian coordinate map, independently breaking free of a terrifying steel trap

One GREY cloud follows the other, disrupting the symphonic convergence of peace in this little pocket

A tranquil orchestra of running rivers, singing animals, and drifting clouds; only tinged by a touch of machinery heard through a distant roar

When the rain comes in waves of pitter patters, we’re all hidden away

We wait for the YELLOW sun to clear the disarray

As we soar into the sky, evolving, expanding, reflecting the St. Lawrence Way

It is safe to say thus far, I’ve had an absolutely fun, discovery filled adventure on campus. My internship with admissions has taught me more than I could possibly imagine and I’ve gotten to explore parts of the campus I may not have ventured to otherwise. I have gained more than what I could’ve possibly asked for staying up here this summer and have ZERO regrets choosing to stay! If anyone ever has any doubts about Canton in the summer, I ask you to reconsider and see

You just never know what this place just might be