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College Visits: It’s More Than Just a Tour

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

One of the fondest memories from my senior year of high school was driving away from St. Lawrence after my tour and telling my mom that I knew I would be happy here. My tour gave me the reassurance that no matter what I studied or what groups I joined, I could find my place here.

For my friend Kate, a smile test was the deciding factor for where she chose to go to school. After walking through campus and tallying how many students smiled back at her, she was able to see how welcoming and genuinely happy students were to be here.

For my friend Sarah, her campus tour was where she fell in love with SLU, and decided a 24 hour travel day and flight from Arizona was well worth it.

After a full summer, more than 50 tours, and countless interactions with students and their families, I’ve found how valuable visiting college campuses can be. 

The Office of Admission at St. Lawrence creates a warm and authentic environment that helps students and families engage in campus life better than they ever could through online exploration. A tour and campus visit is far more than just seeing the campus, but includes engagement with current students. It’s an opportunity to ask questions, hear stories, and acquire a full vision of what it really is like to be a student here. The value of face to face interactions is unparalleled, and your experiences on a campus will undoubtedly be a factor in where you chose to go.

As a 2018 Admissions Summer Intern I was given the opportunity to see behind the scenes of all that goes into the entire college admissions process. Being a prospective student myself not too long ago, it was eye opening to see how passionate each member of the St. Lawrence admissions team is about helping students find the right place of them. 

I will always remember being able to envision myself here so clearly on my tour, and leaving with the confidence that SLU was the place for me. There will never be adequate words to describe my experience as a St. Lawrence student, and it all started with a campus visit.