To the Class of 2017 (and Future Laurentians) | St. Lawrence University

To the Class of 2017 (and Future Laurentians)

When we recently asked our alumni, students, faculty and friends what they would add to a St. Lawrence bucket list, more than 100 responded with everything from local food recommendations to beautiful North Country scenic spots, clubs to take part in and traditions to hold on to. We've included some of our favorites below; add your own to our full list here!

  1. Study abroad! –Mallory Mumford ’06
  2. Attend every Clarkson/SLU hockey game. –Alex Showerman ’10
  3. Become close friends with an international student and invite them for Thanksgiving at your house. –Arturs Saburovs ’10
  4. Attend Convocation, the candlelight service, absorb and cherish traditions, and be sure to study in Herring-Cole. –Wendy Cappiello ’73
  5. Watch the chapel bells being wrung, visit Lampson Falls. –Scott Allen Jeffe ’92
  6. Study in the tree houses in the library, climb a peak on Peak Weekend, experience the gloriousness of a fat bag from Sergi’s, go kayaking at the boathouse, get a “Partridge” from the Partridge Café and most importantly don’t ever graduate because you’ll have way too much of a good time while you’re there. –Will Spencer ’09
  7. Sit and listen to the chapel bells at 5 p.m. – Karoline Chrzanowski-Sears ‘07
  8. Attend at least one contest/game for each sport (crew, riding and skiing included!). – Taylor Moon ’12
  9. Dana brunch! –Kelly Appenzeller ’15
  10. View the stained-glass windows of the Chapel at sunset. –Alyssa Likly ’16
  11. Attend cultural events, try to meet people you haven't been exposed to your entire life; live in different dorms around campus every year (definitely think about the I-House) study in the Ireland Room in the Noble Center; take a class in every building on campus; watch the sunset from the third floor of the Student Center; take part in Dance Ensemble; go biking around town; study languages and definitely STUDY ABROAD! It will never be easier in your life to travel than while you're at SLU. –Thahitun Mariam ’12
  12. Adirondacks! –Phil Shatraw M’81
  13. Be a student rep to the Alumni Executive Council, go to Canaras and make calls for Calling All Saints. Take a class you were afraid to take. –Alexandra Kirby Taylor ’89
  14. Try Rugby. -Brian Bell ’05
  15. Try Gayle’s Chicken Salad on a pita at the Time Out Café in Newell (seriously, there’s nothing better). Claim a couple of Adirondack chairs to study in with friends on a sunny day. Buy some tubes at Wal-Mart and go tubing down the Grasse River. Don’t miss Milkshake Monday at the Pub! – Becky Street ’10
  16. Go to a Java Concert, take a trip to Ottawa and Lake Placid, go canoeing on the Little Grasse River, and go for a run along the Avenue of the Elms. –Brent Davis ’08
  17. Go to a midnight breakfast. – Mallory Mumford ’06
  18. Reach out to alumni. You’ll build a network that will be there for lie. –Bruce Carlisle ’78
  19. Go to an SLU vs. Clarkson hockey game in Potsdam. –Chris Van Wagner ’78
  20. Go to a Laurentians Singers concert and catch the Singing Saints. Live in the theme house. –Constance Scharff ’94
  21. Work on a local farm and go to the Farmer’s Market! –Laura Stasi ’15
  22. Get to know people in the Canton community. It changed by whole experience at SLU for the better! –Kate Almon ’14
  23. Participate in the Quadathlon! –Ashley McCarthy Shehata ‘07
  24. Participate in Moving-Up Day ceremony. –Jolanta M. Morrison ’03
  25. See a PCA production! –Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
  26. Go Greek! “Greek life was a great decision for me.” – Katy O’Donnell McNamara ’92
  27. Attend a Java concert and a local community service event. –Kaitlyn Elizabeth Paquin ’16
  28. Yoga! –Iqra Khan ’16
  29. Plan a day trip to Lake Placid and Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, both a little over an hour away. –Erica Spera ’13
  30. Walk the Avenue of the Elms, especially in the fall; visit Herring-Cole and breathe it in; go to the Candlelight Service in Gunnison; freeze your nose hairs in January and February; walk, walk, walk the campus. Soak it in. –Cathy Church ’73
  31. Go to Morgan’s for ice cream (whenever you can). –Leigh Winterbottom ’93
  32. Catch the Northern Lights; a season pass to Whiteface probably wouldn’t hurt if you ski. – Richard Veith ’78
  33. Friend a wounded warrior. –Edward Hicks ’67
  34. Run (or hike) the Kip Trail, have a Pub cookie, stop whatever you're doing at 5pm and listen to the bells, play a round of Frisbee golf on campus, go cross-country skiing on the avenue of elms, see a movie at the American Theater, go to a concert at the Java barn, learn the words to the Alma Mater before graduation rolls around. – Tom Wilder ’00
  35. Take a drive over to Tooley Pond and take sight of the waterfalls and awesome views! – Teesha Coolidge ’16
  36. Visit the Special Collections in ODY. –Paul Haggett
  37. Enjoy the social friendliness of SLU; it is what makes it special. Drive through the Adirondacks in all four seasons. –Richard Brandenburg Leck ’90
  38. Enjoy the autumn season and its beauty, visit every building on campus even if you never take classes there, take lots of pictures, keep a scrapbook – you’ll treasure them in later years – and enjoy yourself! –Cheryl Grant ’84
  39. Have dinner with your favorite professor. –Heidi Bauer Berlin ’86
  40. Climb at least 10 of the 46 high peaks! –John Leekley ’94
  41. Get bitten by the writing bug and write for The Hill News. And spend some time behind the microphone at KSLU. – Edward Parham ’90
  42. Skate the Rideau Canal in Ottawa during Winterlude! Judy Coffey Wallace
  43. Start an “S-L-U!” chant at a hockey game. –Joe Alexander
  44. Live in the townhouses senior year. –Kristina Grube Lacroix ’07
  45. Have a standing order at the Time Out Café. –Bekah Grim ’13
  46. Get to know at least one professor very well. That relationship will last you a long time. -Dave Boyer '62
  47. Get help from the Quantitative Resource Center. –Tim Morse ’07
  48. Canoe on the River, play on the golf course. – Heather Hartlaub ’13
  49. Relax in an Adirondack chair, try something new at the Pub, sit near the fire and do homework at the Brewer Bookstore, drink champagne at the Hoot Owl on your 21st! – Molly Coryer ’13
  50. Don’t ever leave! –Colin Campbell ’11