Celebrating Greek Bid Day | St. Lawrence University

Celebrating Greek Bid Day

I remember four years ago sitting in St. Lawrence’s admissions building waiting for my interview.  I was flipping through a pamphlet about student life, and saw that there were four sororities on campus.  As a senior in high school, and from Vermont nonetheless, I wanted nothing to do with Greek life.  From the various rumors you hear, and the stereotypical portrayals of Greeks in movies and TV shows, I had counted Greek Life out as an option for me. 

If you had asked me then if I would join a sorority, I would have looked at you like you were insane.  But here I am, a senior in college, loving the fact that I have been running recruitment for each of the sororities on campus as the Pan-Hellenic Recruitment Chair at St. Lawrence this semester.  The formal recruitment process is full of long nights and a lot of anxiety regarding what house you’ll choose to join, but one of the best days of your life follows – Bid Day.  One of my favorite memories at St. Lawrence will be getting to call more than 70 girls and hear how excited they were to receive invitations to join a sorority.

On Bid Day, it’s a tradition for all of the sororities to gather on Creasy Commons and do a ‘role call’ and have each house scream their cheers and chants.  I couldn’t stop smiling knowing I had made this happen.  Seeing house members excited to get 17 new girls, and those 17 girls being excited to have a new place to call home was incredible!  You can see for yourself just how happy everyone was!

I was also really happy to see all Greeks come together.  I loved seeing everyone from different houses taking pictures together and being happy for everyone!  If I could go back in time, I would have told my high school self to keep an open mind, because without the support of Greek Life, I would never been able to do all of the amazing things I’m doing today.