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Book Award Scholarship

What is the St. Lawrence Book Award?

As an institution, we are committed to diversifying our community and to fostering an inclusive environment. We understand the value of diverse perspectives, opinions, worldviews, and experiences, and we encourage our students to take an active role in maintaining and creating an open and welcoming Laurentian community. We also know that this important work is ongoing and requires our continued efforts to improve the experience for all students at St. Lawrence.

In recognition of the value that the St. Lawrence community places on inclusivity, the St. Lawrence Book Award honors high school juniors who have distinguished themselves in their communities by their significant commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. An actual book is awarded to these students, along with a $4,000 scholarship ($1,000 per year for 4 years) for those Book Award recipients who apply and are admitted to St. Lawrence University. These students are also highly encouraged to apply for our Presidential Diversity Scholarship.

Who is named a Book Award recipient?

In order to receive the Book Award, a student must be nominated by their high school. Any high school in the United States is welcome to participate in our program, and can do so by encouraging your guidance counselor to reach out to Hannah Milan to become involved in our program. We partner with officials at each high school to choose our Book Award recipients, as counselors and teachers tend to know best which high school students meet the award criteria.