The Blog's Top 10 Posts of 2016

Meg Keniston '07, M'09 and Lyndsay Malcomb '10

Laurentians love stories and in 2016, we shared more than 60 of them here on the St. Lawrence Blog, a space that gives students (and sometimes faculty, staff members and alumni) a chance to share their St. Lawrence tales, perspectives and insights in their own words and in their own way.

The blog is one the most popular parts of the St. Lawrence Admissions website. This year, our audience's favorite 10 posts totaled nearly 15,000 views! In case you missed some of them, now is your chance to catch up:

  1. What I Didn't Learn from My College Visit by Sarah Bercovitz '19 
  2. 19 Facts to Make Us Fall in Love with SLU All Over Again by Lexi Bullen '18
  3. The Packing List by Jacqui Ebeling '17 
  4. Why St. Lawrence Wasn't My First Choice (But Should Have Been) by Maya Bryant '19 
  5. Why Does Everyone Walk Around in Socks? by Jacqui Ebeling '17
  6. What I Learned at St. Lawrence: Hold the Door Open for Others by Liz Miller '17
  7. St. Lawrence The Summer Camp for Old Kids by Mckenzie Goodwin '16 
  8. I Came to St. Lawrence (And Applied Early Decision) Because of My Tour Guide by Isis Flores '19
  9. How Three Letters Shaped Four Years by Emily Baldwin '16
  10. Multiplication Tables and Happiness by Ross McMullan '16 

Don’t forget to check out the Blog’s ‘All-Time Most Popular Posts’ list, too!

  1. There’s Something About This Place by Kara McDuffee ‘15
  2. Body Beautiful Week: A Personal Story by Madeline Wetterhahn ’15
  3. How Chocolate Milk Changed My Life by Jacob St. Pierre ’16
  4. An Open Letter to Facilities Staff by Jacob St. Pierre ’16
  5. Top Five Local Breakfast Options by Eliza Cowie ’17 
  6. The Last First Days by Charlotte Crawford ’16
  7. Ten Things I Wish I’d Known as a First-Year Student by Laura Stasi ‘15
  8. What I Didn’t Learn from My College Visit by Sarah Bercovitz ’19
  9. Favorite Campus Flavors by Stephanie Eldon ’14
  10. We Always Said We’d Never Go Here by Bailey Phelps ’15 and Lizzie Bastien ’15

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