"Big Fish, Small Pond" The Benefits of Going to a Small University

Tessa Denison
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One thing I have come to understand about myself is that I thrive in environments where I am a “big fish in a small pond." St. Lawrence has been my pond for the past three years, and its small size has provided me with opportunities that could not be paralleled by a larger school.

Coming from Canada with a much different higher education system than the U.S., having the chance to spend four years studying at a school of this size is not something I take for granted. I wanted to veer away from the anonymity of being a student at a large school and find a place where I was going to be academically nurtured, socially stimulated, and extracurricularly engaged.

Never would I have been able to guess that in my time at St. Lawrence I would have gotten to meet The Chainsmokers, Rubble Bucket, Misterwives, The Mowglis, NGHTMRE, Hippie Sabotage, and Ryn Weaver. These are just some of the perks of being the Co-Concert Chair for the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE). This role delegates the privilege of being able to organize, plan, and execute the school’s two major concerts to myself and my fellow committee members. This involves everything from being responsible for properly allocating a budget upwards of $150,000, to setting up and taking down the performance stage. From ACE to working as an Admissions Ambassador, I’ve also had the opportunity to be an Orientation Leader, Live in a theme house, be a member of the varsity golf team, all while being a Business in the Liberal Arts and Art & Art History double-major student.

I could go on at great lengths about the many affordances going to St. Lawrence has provided me with, but I will spare you the trouble of reading such a list and just say this: Going to a school that has provided me with so many opportunities to shine and grow has left me with the confidence to take on whatever ponds I may wish to dive into next.