Applying ED: Why It Is The Best Decision I've Ever Made

Riley Naclerio
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Picture this: It’s the end of November of your senior year of high school and you already know where you are going to college the next fall. That was what the college application and admission process was like for me during my senior year. But, why did I decide to go Early Decision (ED)? What attracted me to St. Lawrence? And why is my story similar to other ED applicants?

I wish I had a more elaborate story about how and why I decided to apply ED to St. Lawrence, but mine is actually quite simple. I visited St. Lawrence around Halloween of my senior year of high school. I still remember my entire visit - the memories are as clear as day. In the morning, I had an interview and a tour with the Admissions Office. Immediately after my individual tour, my tour guide dropped my Dad and I off at Burkman Gym to watch the men’s basketball team’s first scrimmage of the season. After the scrimmage, Coach Downs took my Dad and I on a tour around the athletic facilities including the locker room, weight room, and the athletic training room. I could tell from the friendliness of the tour guide, the community feeling you experience on the tour, and the unbelievable facilities St. Lawrence has to offer, that it was the place I wanted to be following high school graduation. I hadn’t even met any of the guys on the basketball team yet and I knew I wanted to play with them my next four years. I stayed overnight with Sam Adler ’17 and had breakfast the following morning with Coach Downs. Following breakfast, I left campus to drive home. On the 3 ½ hour ride, I told my Dad I wanted to go to St. Lawrence. I was sold on the campus, the community, the academics, and the basketball team. I wanted to call Coach Downs as soon as I got home to let him know I planned on applying ED to SLU, but my parents convinced me to take the rest of the weekend to really think it through. So I did. I called Coach Downs Monday night after school and told him my plan to apply ED and I submitted my Common App that same night. Within two weeks, I heard back from the Admissions Office with a the decision and I was accepted to St. Lawrence! It was before the Thanksgiving holiday and I already knew where I was going to be spending my next four years.

What were some of the advantages of going ED? If you have thoroughly researched your college options and are sure SLU is your first-choice college, applying ED may allow you to complete the application process earlier in your senior year. While the academic profile of students admitted ED is similar to that of students admitted in the Regular Decision process, the percentage of applicants offered admission ED is higher because they have shown their deep interest in becoming a Laurentian. From experience, it is such a relief to have the college decision process over with early in your senior year of high school. You can enjoy the entirety of your final year with limited stress. That's why applying ED to St. Lawrence was the best decision I ever made.

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