Annual Mount Titus Weekend and Rail Jam

Nate Curtisbrown
Class of: 

Early in February, students at St. Lawrence University hit the snow for the annual Great Mount Titus Global Cool Down. The event is put on by the St. Lawrence Outing Club, and includes events on campus such as skiing and a rail-jam on the quad, and culminates with students taking buses to the nearby ski area of Mount Titus for some night-skiing and après-ski entertainment.

The event began with a rail-jam on the quad. Throughout most of the day on Friday, the Outing Club worked tirelessly to build a setup for the event. Through their hard work, a variety of rails and a jump were ready to go on Saturday morning. Around noon, students began to pour onto the field to watch the action as the skiers and snowboarders got together to show their stuff. I took the opportunity to throw on my skis and test the setup out. It was definitely an exciting and enjoyable experience to hit a rail right in the middle of the quad while all of your friends and classmates are watching. The atmosphere was so positive, that the cheers and applause you got for wiping out almost made it enjoyable to do so. As the rail-jam wound down, students began to load onto busses bound for Mount Titus.

After receiving a few inches of snow a couple of days prior to the event, the ski conditions were perfect for a night of skiing. A live band playing in the lodge made numerous trips to the lodge necessary, both to warm up after a few runs and to listen with my friends. The trail conditions were phenomenal, and the atmosphere in the lodge was lively and positive. Overall, this year's Great Mount Titus Global Cool Down was a definite success, and an experience that I won’t soon forget.