Admissions Summer Internship!

Rochana Cooray
Class of: 

When I first signed up to be an admissions ambassador in the spring of 2013, I had no idea how much I would come to love the work I did. After a completely nerve-wracking first tour with a family who later commended me on my words-per-minute ratio, I started to enjoy and embrace my role as a representative of our beautiful campus.

My home is in Sri Lanka, so I had never spent a summer in the United States. I decided to take on a summer internship in the summer after my junior year. One of the many programs I applied to was the Admissions Internship.  I had heard a lot of great things about the program from previous interns, and I already knew I would enjoy the work. Needless to say I was over the moon when I was accepted!

We started off with informational meetings with people from nearly every department on campus. In those first two weeks of the internship, I learned more about St. Lawrence than I had during my previous three years! Then there was Lyndsay LaBarge '10, our supervisor (and a St. Lawrence graduate!), and all the amazing people at the admissions office who were always there to help and make sure we made the most of our internship experience. The friendly and supportive atmosphere in the office made a tremendous impact on our performance.

What I enjoyed the most about the internship was the variety of tasks we had to perform.  We completed individual projects, wrote letters to prospective students, sat in on interviews and toured countless prospective students and their families. Had I interned at a big firm somewhere else, my day may have consisted of lots of photocopying and coffee-bringing. As an Admissions Intern, I had the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the work done at the office and at St. Lawrence.

During the summer months, I got to live in one of the townhouses with Molly Plunkett '14, Haley Burrowes '14, Taylor Castator '15, Sam Marvin '14 and Bill Prescott '14, which was a blast. We hadn't really hung out before and suddenly we were thrown into living in the same townhouse and spend almost every day of summer together. Everything from endless contemplations of completing the pancake challenge, to our bonding sessions over reality television added to an amazing summer experience. I walked away at the end of the summer with a lot of great work experience under my belt and a great group of new friends! My first summer in the U.S. was definitely a success.