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Adapting to the Cold: Clothes and Memories on Campus

Monday, November 2, 2020

As a St. Lawrence student, one of the staples of life on campus is a reliable wardrobe. With winter temperatures sometimes plunging below zero, one needs to have the right kind of clothes to keep them warm. Here are some of my friends' most beloved clothing items, as well as some of their favorite memories associated with them.


Kendra was one of my first friends at St. Lawrence. She’s hilarious, patient, and very practical. What’s more practical than a winter coat for when the weather at SLU slips below freezing?

What's your favorite item of winter clothing?

“My favorite item of clothing is probably my warm grey fur coat.”

What’s your favorite SLU memory associated with this item?  

“Although it’s not technically a SLU memory, it happened because of SLU. Some of my best times in Burlington were spent with my best friends from school. The many memories I have associated with walking down Church Street with my friends occur, for the most part, in this coat. It’s pretty simple, but there’s nothing like grabbing a warm drink while it’s snowing outside and then laughing with your friends as you window shop. For what it’s worth, Burlington isn’t too far away from school either, and makes a great weekend trip (in non-pandemic times).” 


Nikki is the youngest member of our immediate friend group and one of my roommates. She’s also a Canton local and my youngest (and probably most hardworking) friend. Because of her time growing up in Canton, she knows just what clothing to wear that will make the freezing weather more bearable. 

What's your favorite item of winter clothing?

“Probably my red boots.” 

What’s your favorite SLU memory associated with this item? 

“I don’t know if I can think of a specific memory… wait, actually, yes. So my older sister goes here, too, and before I attended St. Lawrence (I had my heart set on it, though) I would visit her frequently on campus. One day she invited me to go to Dana with her, and I remember very vividly using the soft-serve machine (this would grow to be one of Nikki’s favorite dining installments as a student here). While I was walking away from it, my cone tipped over and landed on my boots. It’s a small memory, I’m not really sure why it’s so significant to me, but clearly I mastered balancing my ice cream since then.”


Nancy is easily one of my funniest friends. She is one of the most assertive, passionate, and loyal people I have ever met. It’s no surprise that her favorite clothes are ones that are associated with our good times together at school.

What's your favorite item of winter clothing?

“My down jacket or my Blundstone boots.”

What’s your favorite SLU memory associated with this item? 

“I’ve worn this whole outfit around campus multiple times, so pretty much any outdoor memory during the colder months is associated with this. However, I do remember one day in, I want to say January, I spent the entire day having fun with my friends on the lacrosse team at their off-campus house in this outfit. It was so cold out, but we had so much fun. I really think friendships can be solidified by spending the day together in 14-degree weather. Not to mention, going inside when the day was done and ordering Sergi's hit the spot.” 


Hattie is the athlete of our friend group. She’s this tall goddess of a girl and a great basketball player. Aside from that, she’s also extremely outgoing, funny, and stylish (to top it off). Any memory Hattie has is bound to be a great one.

What's your favorite item of winter clothing?

“My red puffer jacket—you have the same one in black!”

What’s your favorite SLU memory associated with this item? 

“Last year, on my birthday in early March, I was wearing it all around campus. It was a pretty boring birthday, to be honest. There wasn’t a lot going on that morning, but the weather was absolutely beautiful and I was happy with that. I remember walking back to my dorm and my best friends had gotten me a box of cupcakes and decorated my room. I was so excited that I dropped the cupcakes all over the floor. I mean, it took some cleaning up to get the icing stains out of the rug, but the ones that survived the five-second rule were delicious.”



What's your favorite item of winter clothing?

“My favorite clothing item is definitely my green jacket.”

What’s your favorite SLU memory associated with this item? 

“Despite the fact that I’ve worn this jacket around campus a million times, my greatest memory associated with it happened the winter before my freshman year. I had just gotten my acceptance letter to St. Lawrence, and had driven up two days after to tour for the first time and stay with a family member. I remember walking all over campus with her—seeing a hockey game, hanging out with her friends, grabbing Pub food in the morning, and most importantly, falling in love with SLU. The jacket is probably one of my strongest associated items with that day, and I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

Canton weather can be brutal, but it's not half as bad when you have a favorite jacket or pair of insulated boots to keep you warm. Any St. Lawrence student would advise newcomers to invest in a durable article of cold-weather clothing. Sometimes the clothes we have bear a sentimental attachment, as they obviously do here for both my friends and myself.

Although some of us will outgrow our clothing eventually, none of us will ever outgrow the memories that we create with friends from SLU, whether that's on campus or abroad. And, as important as good clothing is, good company is much, much better.