92nd Annual Candlelight Service

Katie Bronchetti
Class of: 

The Candlelight Service is a tradition that has held strong for 92 years and counting. It is a cherished event for both the members of the St. Lawrence family and the Canton community.  The service closes out the first semester, celebrates all the new memories made and welcomes the holiday season to come. It is a great opportunity for everyone to come together, forget all of the stresses the end of the semester brings and enjoy some beautiful words and music.

This year's service featured the Laurentian Singers, the University Chorus and the Community Children’s Chorus, whose  beautiful singing truly moved the audience. The most powerful moment of the service for me was when all the candles were lit, the audience joined in with the choirs to sing the Christmas carols, and the whole room was alive with music. The theme of the service  was serenity and stillness, which allowed the readings and music to flow seamlessly with one another.

St. Lawrence University normally holds this traditional service in Gunnison Memorial Chapel, but due to the fire that damaged the chapel, the Candlelight Service instead took place in the Leithead Field House. The simple fact that the Candlelight Service was held at all, despite the obstacles faced, makes it all the more special. It shows that in times of trouble, this community will really come together to support one another and more importantly, it shows that no one can dampen the Laurentian spirit.

A video of the entire Candlelight Service is available.