Six Tips to Nail Your Virtual College Interview, According to Admissions Counselors | St. Lawrence University

Six Tips to Nail Your Virtual College Interview, According to Admissions Counselors

Thursday, October 8, 2020

The college interview is one of the best ways for you to get to know a university and for admissions counselors to get to know you. It’s always normal to expect some nervousness heading into your interview, but this year… well, we don’t need to tell you how different the college search looks this year. You’re doing it right now, and we’re here to help alleviate some of the uncertainty you might be feeling as you navigate this process in our new normal.

So, what does an interview look like during COVID-19? Short answer: it depends on the college. At St. Lawrence, you'll connect via video chat with someone from our Admissions team to discuss your academic interests, how you spend your time outside of the classroom, and the experiences you've had in high school. You'll also be able to ask your own questions, so we encourage you to think about what's important in your college search and what you hope your college experience might include. 

Here are six things you can do ahead of time to help you feel as prepared and comfortable as possible:

1. Organize your thoughts.

Make sure you don't forget to share something that’s important to you. Make a list of your accomplishments, interests, and activities. You may also want to brainstorm the characteristics of your ideal college.

2. Think critically about your academic experience so far.

What classes have you liked? Where have you felt challenged? What are you excited to learn more about in college?

3. Dress your best.

Wear an outfit that will add to your confidence while making a great first impression and choose a space that allows you to fully engage in the interview. We want you to be comfortable.

4. Be ready to talk about yourself!

This is your chance to brag, share your interests and achievements, and add to your application file with a personal touch. Be prepared to elaborate. 

5. Ask questions.

Bring questions for your interviewer, and don't hesitate to ask them! Questions show that you’re invested in the school at which you’re interviewing, that you’ve done some research, and that you’re eager to learn more. At St. Lawrence, answering thoughtful questions from curious students is one of the best parts of our job.

6. Think of the interview as a conversation.

Counselors aren’t trying to test or stump you, they just want to get to know you and the things that genuinely excite you about the next four years.

One thing you absolutely shouldn’t worry about is whether your ability to come to campus will affect your application. While St. Lawrence does offer a limited number of on-campus tours, info sessions, and visit days, the most important thing during your search process is making a meaningful connection—either virtually from home or safely in person when possible.

Our Admissions team can’t wait to help you discover a great adventure at St. Lawrence, and there are multiple ways to get in touch. You can schedule an interview, connect with a current student, take a virtual tour, or attend a virtual info session. If you’re not sure where to begin, our Discover SLU page is a great place to start.