15 Things To Do Before You Graduate

Bryan Bohaty
Class of: 

Now that I have entered senior year, I have been reflecting on my time here at St. Lawrence. It has been without a doubt the best four years of my life, and a big reason why is because there are a ton of different things to do here. These are some of the highlights of my St. Lawrence experience here but really just scratch the surface of all the things you can do here. 

1. Hike/Climb/Adventure in the Adirondacks: Odds are that after graduation you will not have a place like the Adirondack Park in your backyard, or the time to explore it. Take advantage of it while you can! Pro tip: take a sunrise or sunset hike with the Outing Club for a super cool experience.

2. Take a trip to Whiteface/Lake Placid: If you know how to ski, go to Whiteface, where you can get a heavily discounted pass through the Outing Club. Even if you do not ski, Lake Placid is an interesting town with a lot to see and do. It has a ton of Olympic-themed activities and a number of good restaurants. There is also a toboggan run that opens in the winter that is a ton of fun.

3. Go to Cheese Club: Like cheese? Like cool people? Need a fun way to spend a Wednesday night? Cheese Club features all of the above. They bring in cheeses from the local area and from around the country for you to sample and have interesting conversations about.

4. Hang out at Pub 56: One of the most underrated places here, there is a ton to do at our on-campus pub. You can play games like foosball and pool, watch TV, listen to the concerts and speakers that are brought in, or eat mac and cheese bites.

5. Paddle down the Grasse River: A great way to spend a hot spring or fall day is to get some friends together along with some snacks and drinks and take a paddle down the Grasse River. The Grasse River is a ten-minute walk away from campus and you can rent canoes, lifejackets, and paddles for free in the fall and spring through our Outing Program. The early morning is a great time to go, too.

6. Stay up and watch the sun rise: This one will require some dedication, but is definitely worth it. The North Country gets some amazing sunrises and sunsets and staying up to see the sun rise is an amazing experience. Get some friends to do it with you and the time will fly by.

7. Support your friends: Whether it be in sports, drama, music, or something else, go out and see them doing what they love to do. They will appreciate it and you will have the opportunity to meet some new people in the audience.

8. Go to a St. Lawrence/Clarkson hockey game: This is an absolute must. Your have to experience it to fully appreciate it. Appleton Arena fills to capacity and fans cheer their hearts out. Make sure to get there early to get a seat in the student section.

9. See the bell ringers ring the bells: Hearing the bells played at 5 p.m. every day is a St. Lawrence tradition, but did you know that there is a person actually playing the bells? We are one of the last schools to have a bell ringer and you can see them in action!

10. Go to Winterlude: Winterlude is a winter festival that takes place in Ottawa and it features ice sculptures and vendors set up on Ottawa’s frozen canal. Bring some skates and some friends and experience Canada. Don’t forget your passport!

11. Stargaze on the golf course: St. Lawrence has its own golf course right next to campus and you can walk on when it’s closed. Get some friends together one night, go to the course, lay down and look up. An incredible amount of stars are visible in the North Country; it’s stunning.

12. Grill with your friends: There are grills scattered around campus that are available for anyone to use. Make use of them while it’s nice out! It’s a great way to change your day up and give yourself something to look forward to.

13. Use the sauna: A great way to relax and cleanse is to sit in the sauna. We have one on campus located in the  Newell Fitness Center. Go alone, or with friends, and sit and sweat; it is especially nice on a cold winter day.

14. Eat a Pizza Roll and a Dr. Feelgood in the same day: Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and a great way to do it is with these two local delicacies. A pizza roll is the signature item from local pizza shop, Sergi’s. It is a pizza rolled up so that the crust is entirely on the outside with the cheese and toppings inside. It is a late-night favorite. A Dr. Feelgood is a specialty of the Northstar Café on campus and is a grilled cheese sandwich with a chicken tender in the middle. Eating them both in the same day is as St. Lawrence as it gets.

15. Love every minute of your time here: Its goes by incredibly fast.