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10 Ways to Take Advantage of St. Lawrence's Athletic Facilities

Ben Woodbury

1. Open Ice: For those of you that thought Appleton Arena was for only for the hockey teams, you’re wrong. Most weekdays Appleton Arena opens up to St. Lawrence students from 12-2 p.m. 12-1p.m. features ice-skating without pucks, and from 1-2 p.m. there are hockey nets and pucks for students interested in practicing their skills.

2. Climbing Wall: You can pretend you’re on hanging off the Cliffs of Moher when you’re at St. Lawrence’s Munro Family Climbing Wall located in Newell Field House. Students can practice bouldering without belaying gear, or take a free 30-minute belaying lesson for more advanced climbing skills. They also offer climbing and rescue clinics. The Climbing Wall is open Monday-Thursday from 4-10 p.m. and Sundays from 4-8 p.m.  

3. SLUBA: Does getting a scuba diving open water certification sound cool? SLUBA is a club that teaches scuba diving to students in our very own Augsbury Pool and members often take dives in the St. Lawrence River. There is training for Advanced or Rescue Diving as well. Some of the certifications only cost $295 (a bargain!).

4. Canoeing and Kayaking: You can walk out to our Canoe Shack on the Grasse River when the weather is nice and take out a canoe or kayak for free. It’s not uncommon to see 20 boats paddling on a sunny September afternoon. You can also take beginner or advanced level whitewater kayaking clinics that are offered every semester. These clinics usually cost $10.

5. Outdoor Program Gear Rental: Tents, skis, poles, boots, snowshoes, sleeping bags, skins, tarps, shovels, backpacks, stoves and utensils. Nothing costs a penny more than $5 for the week! The equipment room is located in Outdoor Program in the basement floor of the main athletic complex.

6. Sauna- Sometimes a good sweat is all you need for soothing your muscles or overcoming that winter chill. The sauna is open for student use during all hours that the main athletic facilities are open.

7. Zumba & Yoga- Ladies. Gents? Yes, there are weekly Zumba and Yoga classes. Sometimes these groups get into TurboKicking and Insanity workouts, too! These classes are usually held in the Multipurpose Room in Newell. Click here for a list of classes.

8. Fitness Classes- Believe it or not, you can get class credit for working out with our instructional fitness classes offered every semester! These classes teach cardio and lifting workouts and also techniques to inspire healthy physical fitness in students.

9. Squash- Many St. Lawrence students pick up squash as a fitness activity because the squash courts are extremely accessible. The ten courts at Robie Squash Center are open seven days a week. 

10. Golf Course- Picturesque views of the Avenue of Elms and the steeple of Gunnison Memorial Chapel can be seen from the Oliver D. Appleton Golf Course located on the east side of campus. A season pass for each semester is only $75. Check it out in the winter when trails are groomed on the course for scenic and accessible Nordic skiing.