What is Arcadia? | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

What is Arcadia?

This Could Be Your Home Next Fall

Immersion in a wilderness setting is an important component of the Adirondack Semester, and our program site is a pristene example of a uniquely Adirondack wilderness.  The semester is based at  Arcadia, a yurt village in a nearly 4,000 acre conservation easement in the northwestern part of the Park.  The village is nestled on the shores of Lake Massawepie, a 750 acre lake that is the centerpiece of the property.  Arcadians forego running water, computers, cell phones, and many other modern ammenities in exchange for a slightly slower pace to life, which allows usto connect more deeply with their home and the small community we are a part of.  We carry our own water, we make our own music, and we cook our own food.  Simple is beautiful.