This Week on keeping up with the Arcadians: The kids go hiking!!! | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

This Week on keeping up with the Arcadians: The kids go hiking!!!

Thoin Begum & Karen Blakelock

We were divided into two groups:

Group 1                                                Group A
Emily H.                                                Emily G.
Julia                                                      Sydney
Thoin                                                    Karen
Maggie                                                  Jack
Zena                                                     Taylor

Both groups got to plan our own route, select our food rations, and go bag some peaks.

After agreeing on a van swap operation it was decided Zena & CO. – named “The Lady Ferns” began at the ADK Loj while Taylor’s crew of hoodlums started at The Garden.

On Wednesday, the Lady Ferns began their adventure by wearing ferns in their hair.  Once they reached camp and bundled up, it was determined Zena won the fashion contest with her thermal skirt.  The Lady Ferns summited 4 peaks – including a sunrise hike up Mt. Haystack.  During the trek the Lady Ferns never lost their spunk.  On the last morning they woke up ready to finish the trip by hiking Big Slide.  They ended their adventure with greasy diner food and some of the best pie in the North Country at the Noonmark Diner.


The gang of hooligans spent 4 days harassing Taylor, cooking great food, and summiting  9 peaks in three days like the bad ass hiker babes they are…Unfortunately, pie was not included in their ration or route plan, so despite more Taylor – heckling, a diner stop was not permitted.

We Arcadians are nothing w/o a little friendly competition, but it remains unclear who won the hiking trip… Lady Ferns with four peaks and pie, or the no-named-Taylor-teasing hooligans with nine peaks and no pie. (Ah-hem…let me repeat that, nine peaks, three days) so who knows.

Our hiking trip also coincided w/ St. Lawrence’s Peak Weekend – an attempt to put a SLU student on top of all 46 high peaks in the ‘Daks, and both groups were thrilled to run into fellow SLUers atop some mountains.

Now back at Arcadia, things are going well.  The sauna is warm, the moon is bright, and the coffee is plentiful.

Until next week

                -The Arcadians

p.s. Please send pie.  We promise we won’t tell Taylor.