The Usual Arcadian Madness | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

The Usual Arcadian Madness

Thoin Begum and Karen Blakelock

With Halloween, dinner guests and the usual Arcadian madness this week has been action packed.  The week began with classes where we enhanced our knowledge of indigenous cultures and their various beliefs in Cathy’s class.  Creative writing with Mary began with reading papers and dissolved to life chats.  Goat cheese and rainy weather came with Sue on Wednesday.  Finally, Thursday (Glenn’s day) came, but no one’s mind was on class but rather on Glenn staying for dinner of channa saag, samosas, vegetable chowder and sautéed vegetables-a feast!

As classes wrapped up for the week, chores needed to be completed.  With class registration coming up, everyone was preoccupied with planning for next semester.  Laundry and going to the library at Tupper jumped to the top of everyone’s to-do list.  After stuffing dirty laundry in the washers we scrambled to the library for our forty-five minutes of internet time.  We may be in the middle of the woods, but we still managed to stay updated on the latest social media, news, check Facebook, and e-mail professors before heading back to Arcadia – after we’ve grabbed a donut from the shop attached to the laundry mat, that is.  On Saturday, we spent Halloween dressed up in costumes and woodworking with Michael Frenette, a local of Tupper Lake whose knowledge of the Adirondacks and woodworking has us listening to his stories for hours.

We closed out the weekend the usual way – sleeping in on Sunday morning and having a brunch and coffee hangout session while we wait for Cathy to arrive with the mail before going our separate ways to finish homework for the next day.  On Monday night we hosted our ecology professor, Sue Willson and her family (husband Fernando and adorable daughter, Gigi) for dinner.  We’ve enjoyed hosting two professors for wholesome meals and lively conversations this past week.  It’s always fun to share this place we love so much with visitors.  Arcadia means a place where people and nature live harmoniously and we want to share that with as many people as we can.