Student Bios

Erin Lescinsky
Major(s): Global Studies: African Studies & Development; French

Erin is a wild child!  Instead of going to school her senior year, Erin worked in Uganda for 5 months teaching in a local school.  Erin loves mountains and flowers.  Except for...

Garrett Thomas Sopko
Major(s): Environmental Studies and Sociology
Minor(s): Outdoor Studies

Also, known as Garth.  Garrett is a strong Outing Club advocate and enjoys spending most of his time outside.  His main outdoor hobbies include skiing and rock climbing.  Before...

Erin Christiana Waters
Major(s): Environmental Studies

She is a nordic skier and a Division 1 eater as well as an Environmental Studies major.  Part of the clean plate club, we all count on Erin to make sure no food goes to waste.  A...

Oscar A Wilkerson

Oscar is a rather loud, energetic character which came in useful in high school as he was section leader in the band where he played triangle, was captain of the lacrosse team, and came in third...