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Student Bios

Marly Davies

A sophomore at St. Lawrence.  Marley studies Environmental Studies and Sociology, as well as Outdoor Studies and Philosophy.  When not watching the cotton candy sunsets on the back dock...

Anna Dieffenbach

Anna is from the lovely town of Bethel, VT.  In her free time, she enjoys riding horses and playing soccer.  Her Favorite color is purple and her horse, Turbo is afraid of the color pink...

Raina Freedman

Raina Freedman a sophomore Environmental Studies and Global Studies double major.  She hails from the lovely city of Ithaca, NY, where she danced for 14 years and was home schooled until high...

Michael Greenwood

Michael is the group dad.  As a super senior he has chosen to spend his last semester in the woods with all of us.  Once upon a time Micheal was stung by a stingray.  He lives in...

Emily Grudzien

She was born on the 9th of July in the year of 1999.  When she’s not living in the woods in yurt 2 (the best yurt), at SLU, or YMCA camp Hunkins, she lives with her parents in...

Ned Hallahan

He is a fun-loving sophomore from Worcester, MA.  He is majoring in Philosophy and intends to get his Outdoor Studies minor from the semester.  Ned is always down to have a laugh or...