Melanie Bogdanovich | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

Melanie Bogdanovich

Melanie Bogdanovich
Class year: 
Hudson, NY

Melanie has found herself living all over the United States from being born in California, to living in Michigan, to now calling home Hudson, NY.  Melanie is currently a junior, and spent her first year of college studying at Plattsburg University.  Melanie has decided to major in psychology, as she loves analyzing other humans.  Growing up, Melanie helped her parents care for people with special needs contributing to her very patient and caring personality.   In her spare time Melanie likes to practice for her dreams of being a grandma.  She happily puts on her wool sweater, gets out her favorite snack of raisins, takes out her knitting needles and will sit by the fire, knitting for ages.  Other than training to be a grandma, you can often see Melanie walking around Arcadia barefoot, swimming in the lake, or laughing until her stomach hurts.  Melanie is an essential part of life here at Arcadia.