Squidward & Enofferz | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

Squidward & Enofferz

Dear blog readers,

It’s hard to believe that the end of our time in Arcadia is approaching.  In our last 4 short weeks (we rounded up), we begin to think about all that we have experienced and the lessons we will take with us when we leave.  Here we’ve compiled a list of the most important lessons we’ve learned.

  1. Yes, having less does make you happier. Contrary to popular belief you do not need many material  goods to make you happy.  Throughout these past 2 and a half months, our lives have been surrounded by happiness, laughter, and an appreciation for the natural world.  We came here with only a duffle filled mostly with expedition gear, and books. When we leave for weekend trips we realize that we’ve packed basically all of our belongings.  Yet, this doesn’t take away from our happiness in any way.  We’ve learned that we are the happiest when we are engulfed in the wild nature that surrounds mama Massawepie.  The lake we call home cradles our canoes, it bathes us, and it never ceases to amaze us.
  2. Community?   More like family!
    We may have started out as strangers; however our bond is now stronger than our love for our favorite dessert, chocolate chips. Community is a powerful tool. It is something that we can count on as. We play musical sleeping spots, alternating from the dock, to the yurt, to the loft. We have coined the term “double process” after frequently squeezing 4 people in, under and around, and on top of thwarts and seats in a regular canoe. The days of 2 person canoeing are as obscure as the early days without constant laughter and hugs. Lastly, nothing makes our bond stronger than sharing meals together that are full of conversation and lack social distractions such as phones.
  1. A locavore’s diet fuels one’s body, mind and soul.
    Here in Arcadia, we focus on reducing our food miles. All of the whole ingredients we cook with come from within the “blue-line” and the Canton area. Every Tuesday we receive our CSA and our veggie cabinet is filled with an assortment of beautiful and colorful vegetables. Some look surprisingly different than their counterpart at supermarkets. It is an eye opening experience to not only know where your food comes from, but to also work together to prepare all of our family meals.

In the last few weeks we’ll focus on crossing off the remaining items on our bucket list and enjoying each other’s company in the beautiful place we call home.


The Arcadians of 2015

p.s. we survived our solos.