Settling In | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

Settling In

Maggie Bolger and Julia Callahan

After our first full of week of classes we are feeling settled in at Arcadia.  We were feeling well acquainted with our beloved Arcadia after our first deep clean of the Yurt Village.  Maggie and Emily Gougelet were honored to pump pea tea (poop pee) from the depths of the Clive (the composting toilet).  Public Service Announcement: don’t over fill the buckets because it’s a long messy walk into the woods to empty it out.

Other firsts of the week include starting our wood paddles with Everett.  He brought us double-stuffed Oreo’s, brownies and milk to support us during the design process.  We floated into the weekend and found ourselves on the Saranac River to run some white water.  Prior to the rapids, Taylor led us to shore to teach a lesson on white water safety.  The shore was not a shore at all, but a treacherous mud pit, where Emily Hoffman found herself thigh deep in mud.  A quick rescue was made before we headed for the rapids.  While there were a few boots filled with water, and boats stuck on rocks, we sent it big time, hell yeah!

The adventures continued on at Arcadia as we got intimate with ferns, had our first family game night, lunch on the dock, and our honored musical guest, Dan Berggren, who serenaded us with folk songs of the Adirondacks.

After every adventure filled day as the sun sets behind the trees, we retreat to the front dock to watch the stars appear overhead from the comfort of our sleeping bags.  Lucky are we to be able to wake up in the middle of the night to catch a shooting star or to see the early morning sunrise and fall back asleep until the smell of coffee fills our noses.  We are finally settled into the rhythms of Arcadia and feeling as if we are right at home.