Overheard at Arcadia | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

Overheard at Arcadia

Sydney Kahl and Emily Hoffman

In the kitchen:

“How long does it take for a mouse to turn into a Rat?”
                This week Cathy mentioned farm rats, then when we returned from our field trip to Whiteface, we caught a mouse in the trap and Emily hesitantly asked…….and was answered with uncontrollable laughter.

On the dock:

“I hope my pillow doesn’t fall into the lake tonight.”
                The dock is just long enough to fit the tops of our heads to the bottom of our ankles. (Not including Jake, the tallest Arcadian).


*Sounds of wood shavings being made*.

Van rides:

“Oh no!  Not the CD again!!!”
                A group of 8 tone deaf SLUsers belting lyrics to our 1 CD.


“Does driving up count as bagging a peak?”
                We traveled to Whiteface Mountain to get a crash course in geology and learn about Alpine zones in ecology.

Glen’s field trip:

“Why are we getting stopped by Border Patrol?”
                On our way to our surprise field trip to the Adirondack Museum, Glen whispers in the Border Patrols Officer’s ear, “we’re going to Mexico”.  Somehow we were let through…

Apple picking:

“Pass the apple” we all yell as we play lacrosse with the apple pickers and apples.  After 1 month of living in the woods, creativity is running through us.

Paddle from Vingo to Arcadia:

“Help, I’m sinking!”
                2 people were attempting to step in at the same time and it resulted in a full swamp of the canoe with Sydney still in the stern…  We had not yet left the shores of Vingo and we were sinking the canoe like the Titanic.

It’s been yet another week filled with laughter, good vibes, and apples in every meal.