Food Week | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

Food Week

Julia Callahan and Maggie Bolger

Knowing where your food comes from never tasted so good.  On Saturday we had an early morning as we headed to Reber Rock Farm to slaughter and butcher chickens.  Each of us saw firsthand where our chickens came from.  We saw them at every step of the process from holding the warm live chickens to cutting their throats, defeathering them, and processing them. Those of us who went through the whole process were able to tangibly learn the anatomy of the chicken.  We were thankful to be guided and supported by the wonderful farming community at Reber Rock.

With our chickens in hand we paddled across Lake Massawepie to cook a feast in honor of the chicken.  This chicken didn’t need much seasoning for it was perfect on its own.  Many of us at dinner continually repeated, “This is the best chicken I have ever tasted!”, and truly it was.  It’s a beautiful thing to actually see and know where your food comes from, to have a respect for the animal you are eating and the farmers that raised it.  We sat around the dinner table blissfully enjoying our oven baked chicken and assortment of veggies from Essex Farm, all of us feeling connected to this food, where it came from and the hard work that goes into producing it.  We are all re-evaluating our consumer food choices and excitedly jumping into the local food movement.