First Snow | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

First Snow

Jack Carroll and Emily Gougelet

We arrived at Arcadia after our mid-semester break, eager to return to the simplicities here.  Though it was nice to see friends and family, we all felt as if we were returning home to our quant village.  After easing back into classes, we spent Friday morning building platforms for the Massawepie Mire.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish with many hands.  It felt good to have the opportunity to give back—all of us frequently recreate on the trails and waterways of Massawepie and the surrounding easement lands.  After a productive morning of building walkways, we returned to the yurt village to do our weekly chores.  Since returning from break we have all felt the end of the semester looming with only 4 weeks left here at Arcadia.  We’re even beginning to appreciate the simple things like our chores or paddling across the lake in a snow storm.  Yes, that’s correct.  On Saturday snow fell here leaving a magical white blanket over Arcadia.

The leaves have fallen and the temperature has dropped well below freezing at night as the end of autumn approaches. Due to the weather, knitting and reading have become the favorite pass times of the Arcadians.

This week we are starting woodworking with Michael Frenette.  Unlike the first half of the semester we get to choose what we build, an exciting prospect for the aspiring carpenters that we are.  All is well as we move into the second half of the semester and we all agree we wish it could go on much longer than November 20th.